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  • Comfy Calf Suites

    Comfy Calf Suites offer an advanced, innovative housing alternative to outdoor hutches and other labor intensive options for penning. Comfy Calf Suites are safe, efficient and most importantly, very comfortable for your calves and you. Ideal for calves up to eight to ten weeks of age, they are built with durable plastic planks and heavy-duty hardware. Comfy Calf Suites are easy to install, easy to clean and the open-front gates allow you to keep a close eye on the future of your dairy

  • Canarm - Hoop Style Comfy Calf Suites Indoor Pen

    Canarm - Hoop Style Comfy Calf Suites Indoor Pen

    The Trusted Solution to Raising Calves Indoor. No more feeding calves outside. Comfy Calf Suites makes feeding easier for you. Calves are easier to see in the Comfy Calf Suites compared to enclosed shelters. Better air quality improves the health of your calves. Plastic dividers isolate each calf, keeping your calves healthy. Dividers remove quickly and easily when required. Cleaning is simple and removal of dividers makes group penning an option as...

  • Poultry Products

    Provide year around health & comfort for your birds with Canarm/BSM’s innovative poultry ventilation products designed to help maintain optimal environmental conditions in your barn. We offer a variety of durable and dependable exhaust fans for tunnel, cross flow, chimney, and natural assist, as well as many types of air circulating products.  Our product line also includes several energy efficient and durable poly air inlet options.  These fans and inlets can be combined

  • Canarm AccuSmart - Bird Scale

    Canarm AccuSmart - Bird Scale

    The AccuSmart Scale System is the most complete bird weighing system on the market. It automatically weighs, records and performs all the statistical calculations needed to optimize the weight control of your flock. With the AccuSmart scale, you can effectively track and manage your yields, ensure that you reach your targets and make better decisions regarding the management of your production. A single controller for up to six scales. Weight control...

  • Swine Products

  • Canarm - Drinkers

    Canarm - Drinkers

    Available in stainless steel or galvanized. Keeps fresh, clean water accessible to pigs at all times. Piglet drinkers available as nipple drinkers or water cups. Nipple drinker dispenses a controlled amount of water which prevents water waste and excess water from pooling on the floor where piglets could lay in it and become sick. Drinkers reduce wasted water and keeps pigs environment drier.

  • Ventilation

    A quality line of exhaust fans, roof exhaust systems, circulating fans, inlets, actuators and controls to promote optimal air quality when and where you need it.

  • Canarm - 18` High Velocity Fans

    Canarm - 18` High Velocity Fans

    Ceiling or wall mount high velocity fan. 18” blades. Commercial duty 3 speed pull chain circulating fan. All metal construction. 1/8 hp motor. Three speed motor. Epoxy coated OSHA guard. 9’ heavy duty cord with cord wrap. 110 volt cord set. Steel wall (ceiling) mount assembly. Suitable for wet locations.

  • Farmstore

    A trusted name in agricultural stabling and ventilation products, Canarm/BSM can provide you with innovative, quality products to meet all of your farm and home improvement needs.

  • Canarm - Solo Heat Lamp Control

    Canarm - Solo Heat Lamp Control

    The Solo CC02 is an effective solution to control your heat lamps. The control is designed to provide significant savings on energy costs while minimizing losses due to poorly regulated supplemental heat which can have a serious impact on livestock health.