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  • Free-Float Arm System

    Free-Float Arm System

    The free-float arm system allows you to unroll hay while maintaining full contact with the ground over rough terrain. This function helps to prevent skips and thick blankets of hay, allowing even distribution of feed and reducing waste.

  • Locking Valve System

    Locking Valve System

    Our unique locking valve stops arms from creeping out when carrying hay bales. And, unlike other units on the market, our design significantly limits truck frame stress.

  • Handle Hay and Dump

    Handle Hay and Dump

    Cannonball’s patented dump feature expands your capabilities to handle hay and dump materials from the comfort of your cab. There is no other unit on the market like it. Our patented feature permits the same hydraulic system to be used for both arm and dump functions. With our feature-rich bed you gain much more value for our dollar. Arm lift capacity is 2,850 pounds, and bed dump capacity is 6,000 pounds.

  • Independent Arm Action

    Independent Arm Action

    Cannonball uses two squeeze cylinders, rather than a phasing cylinder, for better squeeze and maneuverability. You can move the arms separately or in tandem for easier bale retrieval when stacked end to end. This also helps loading into a ring feeder, even if you don’t have a straight shot at it. Lift any size or shape – round, square, wide, or narrow. You can haul up to four 4′ rounds side by side with a dual wheel pickup. You...

  • Jack Trailers

    Jack Trailers

    Cannonball makes work easier and quicker in so many ways, especially hooking up your gooseneck trailer. Just raise the bed until the jack stand is off the ground, store the jack, lower the bed, and off you go. No more cranking!.