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  • Model OM-30 TDT-3 - Hvy. Equip. Trailers

    Model OM-30 TDT-3 - Hvy. Equip. Trailers

    Heavy equipment trailers are our specialty. We can build you a trailer to meet your specialized needs. With many available options, we can build a trailer specifically for your needs.

  • Utility Trailers

    Utility Trailers

    Just a few of the many styles of utility trailers available. A custom trailer built for a tire store, specifically for hauling tires. Another trailer built specifically for bringing the pumpkins in from the fields.

  • Logging Trucks

    Logging Trucks

    We specialize in all logging truck modifications. All options from the most common to the most custom are available.

  • Truck Log Loaders

    Truck Log Loaders

    We've been building self loaders for over 30 years. We're known as 'the best' for a very good reason.