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  • Scarifier - Straw Chopper - Stump Grinder - Vacuum - Brush

  • ARIO - Scarifier

    ARIO - Scarifier

    The Scarifier is a machine studied for the maintenance of lawns, clearing them of everything that may prevent the regular oxygenation and filtering of water and fertilizer in the subsoil such as small roots and moss, therefore the growth of the lawn is guaranteed. The scarifier system is composed of a central rotor that can be equipped with fixed, mobile or spring blades. The possibility to adjust the depth of the scarifier system, by using the...

  • Model TPF 15 - Straw Chopper

    Model TPF 15 - Straw Chopper

    This extraordinary model TPF straw chopper cuts up loose straw and bales in a flash to exactly the right size and roducing virtually no dust! The TPF straw chopper gives you bedding to suit your needs, ranging from one to 10 centimetres in length. All you have to do is mount the right size screen to suit your requirements. This versatile chopper grinds any kind of loose or pressed straw, and hay. It works so quickly and cleanly you will soon find you...

  • Model PP - Stump Grinder

    Model PP - Stump Grinder

    Honda engine from 9 to 13 HP.  Kohler engine from 12 HP.  Light machine and easy to use (weight ~ 150 Kg).  Cutter wheel with 8 carbide tools, easy to replace.  Control handle bar adjustable.  Machine ideal for professional use

  • Hammermill – Mobile Mill-Mixer – Wagon

  • Hammermill


    To meet the needs of small and large farms alike, while ensuring high performance with all types of material handled, ranging from fresh or dry cereals to corn-cobs, hay and straw .

  • Mobile Mill-Mixer

    Mobile Mill-Mixer

    This machine is ideal for animal breeders who can prepare feed blends for livestock using the exact ingredients and quantitiesthey require.