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  • 3 Point Hitch

  • Walterscheid - Lower Link Hook

    Walterscheid - Lower Link Hook

    Lower link hook. Quick coupling and uncoupling from the driver's seat. The lower link hooks, made of high-strength forged steel, are designed to absorb high tensile, compressive and lateral forces. The special shape permits the necessary angular maneuverability. The mechanism is accommodated inside the hook to protect it against impact and dirt. The automatic safety lock can only be released via the opening lever, thus eliminating the risk of...

  • Front End Loader

  • Hydrac - Front End Loader Autolock

    Hydrac - Front End Loader Autolock

    Hydrac Vitec Autolock is an entirely new generation of front-end loaders with high visibility. The great advantage of this line is the best weight-performance enabled by technology today. A time was reached using a cantilever, fine-grained steel, innovative and high strength. Elaborating the project to the computer, with the optimization of finite element method, has reached stability and light weight, low curb weights, greater reach and lift height....

  • Front PTO

  • Hydrac - Model DUO N2 - Front PTO Shaft

    Hydrac - Model DUO N2 - Front PTO Shaft

    DUO N2 front PTO (PTO) to double output tractor works at a pressure of the hydraulic system of the tractor of 175 bar. Only 1 tractor 2 farm machineries! Excellent in all working conditions and floor, save time and money. In fact, the 2-speed and two-way rotation makes flexible use of the PTO front optimizing and enhancing the productivity of the tractor. The new series of PTOs Hydrac DUO presents a robust, reinforced by modern design that fits...

  • Couterweigts

  • Hydrac - Concrete Counterweight System

    Hydrac - Concrete Counterweight System

    Thanks to the constant development of technology applied to engines and the improvement of production techniques, farm tractors have seen a significant increase in their power to weight ratio. A definitely positive result. However, in many cases, when demand is high traction capacity, for example, working the soil, it is very important to properly ballasting the tractor so as to avoid excessive skidding and tire wear. The ability to easily...