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  • FAE - Mulchers

  • FAE - Model DML/TWIN - Forestry Mulcher

    FAE - Model DML/TWIN - Forestry Mulcher

    Innovative shredder with a new concept fixed blade rotor, designed and built to be attached with low power tractors, suitable for shredding bushes and weeds as well as prunings of fruit trees or vineyards. The reversible attachment, aggressive and compact rotor are the main features of this machine that can be used in two different modes. In standard version as forestry mulcher for mulching and subsequent cleaning of bushes and small trees up to a...

  • FAE - Model UML/LOW - Forestry Mulcher

    FAE - Model UML/LOW - Forestry Mulcher

    It is specifically designed to be used on tractors with the PTO shaft positioned in a lower profile, for an optimal working angle. The contained dimensions and weight make it suitable for smaller and lower profile tractors. The frame is stronger to resist the pressure and push of tracked tractors as well as sharp turns. This avoids potential damage to the frame itself and to those components such as bearings and rotor hubs. UML/LOW is designed...

  • FAE - Model UML/SS - Forestry Mulcher

    FAE - Model UML/SS - Forestry Mulcher

    It is a forestry mulcher with fixed teeth rotor system and side shift system, expressly designed to work in vineyards, fruit trees, olive trees and orchards and all other applications that require shifting between trees. The strong and robust frame is designed for heavy applications. Multiple tooth options available for different applications.

Products by PALAX Ylistaron Terästakomo Oy

  • Palax - Model KS35 Ergo - Firewood Processors

    Palax - Model KS35 Ergo - Firewood Processors

    The KS35 Ergo is a modern easy-to-operate Firewood Processor with a 15' chainsaw. Thanks to the lateral motion of the crosscut handle, the operating ergonomics are excellent.  The chainsaw & in-feed conveyor are controlled fully hydraulically by a joystick for comfortable operation. The KS35 is also available as a TR/SM Combi machine, enabling it to be operated by either of the optional power sources.

  • Circular Blade

  • Palax - Firewood Processors

    Palax - Firewood Processors

    Oakleaf Forestry are proud to offer the Palax range of Firewood Processors.Palax manufactures a wide variety of machinery and accessories for processing firewood. From small basic machines for occasional use through to larger professional Firewood Processors, the Palax range offers safe, durable, reliable machines to suit every application for sale at unbeatable prices and can be delivered anywhere in Ireland and UK within a few days.

  • Palax - Model 55 Series - Circular Saw

    Palax - Model 55 Series - Circular Saw

    As standard, the machine is equipped with a silent and smoothly cutting hard-metal blade. The resulting cut surface is smooth and the hard-metal blade is exceptionally durable.As far as possible, the Palax 55 comes ready-assembled. All the electric connections have been accomplished.

  • Palax  - Model Combi M II  - Firewood Processors

    Palax - Model Combi M II - Firewood Processors

    A versatile and fast Firewood Processor for efficient cutting and splitting of trees up to 25 cm in diameter.The conveyor can be swung by about 2,2 m to the side and it can be locked in five different positions. This speeds up the loading operation notably. If you are processing firewood in bags, you can use two stands.

  • Chain-saw

  • Palax  - Model Active Series - Firewood Processors

    Palax - Model Active Series - Firewood Processors

    The user-friendly PALAX ACTIVE firewood processor enable its owner to produce firewood efficiently, effortlessly and easily without forgetting one very important feature: the overwhelmingly competitive price!

  • Hydraulic Log Splitters

  • Palax  Logsplit - Model 60 - Hydraulic Log Splitters

    Palax Logsplit - Model 60 - Hydraulic Log Splitters

    Thanks to its two-hands command, the Palax Logsplit 60 hydraulic splitter is very safe, because the splitting movement stops immediately when one of the levers is released. When both levers are released, the pusher automatically reverses. All the moving parts except the pusher are completely covered by the housing.

  • Skidding Grapples

  • Palax Handy - Skidding Grapple

    Palax Handy - Skidding Grapple

    The robust Palax Handy Skidding Grapple  for friendly to the forest skidding, transporting and piling of trees at low cost

Products by KESLA OYJ

  • Truck Cranes

  • Kesla - Model 2009L- 2009LT - 2009S - 2009ST - Cut to Lenght Loaders

    Kesla - Model 2009L- 2009LT - 2009S - 2009ST - Cut to Lenght Loaders

    Cut-to-length cranes are specifically designed to process cut timber, where demands on performance are high and no compromises are made. The product line ranges from 9 tonne-metres to 14 tonne-metres.Kesla cut-to-length loaders are perfect for many different operating conditions. Kesla customers can choose the accessories and additional equipment that best fit their needs from a wide range of equipment. The diversity of the selection available in...

  • Harvester Heads

  • Kesla - Model 16RH | 16 RHS - Roller Heads

    Kesla - Model 16RH | 16 RHS - Roller Heads

    Kesla 16RH is the market’s lightest professional harvester head equipped with four delimbing knives and multi-stem functions. It’s specially designed for integrated harvesting of timber and biomass. Professional multi-stem functions and the unique ProAX-cutting systems are unequalled features in this size- and weight class. The 16RH and 16RHS are real powerhouses for thinning, suited to 6-10 tons wheeled harvesters and tractors.

  • Tractor Equipment

  • Kesla - Model 500Z - Loaders

    Kesla - Model 500Z - Loaders

    KESLA 500Z is the smallest member of the Z crane family and ideal for tractor installation. The transport position of the Z model gives freedom for installation and its space requirements are minimal. 500Z can be installed on the beam of KESLA trailers starting from the 92, and its transport position makes it ideal for installation on the beam of various tipper trailers.

  • Forest Machine Cranes

  • Kesla - Model 671H - 685H - Harvester Cranes

    Kesla - Model 671H - 685H - Harvester Cranes

    KESLA harvester cranes are known for their excellent working geometry and ample net lifting capacity throughout the entire path of travel working range. These properties increase the productivity of harvesting in all conditions. The economy of the operations is ensured by the durability and reliability of the cranes, which ensure a high utilisation rate. The excellent durability of KESLA cranes is based not only on the high quality of the manufacture...

  • Kesla - Model 13H - Harvester Cranes

    Kesla - Model 13H - Harvester Cranes

    The KESLA 13H series – designed for medium-sized harvesters and known for its excellent geometry and reliability. Reliability and excellent performance are features shared by this model series: a compact but robust slewing system with motor slew provides plenty of slewing torque and a wide slewing angle, along with ensuring a low point of gravity and excellent view from the cabin. The linear geometry makes logging efficient and precise...

  • Forwarder cranes

    The KESLA forwarder cranes represent reliable technology for professional use, which has been  proven in years of heavy-duty use. The  base for durability throughout the range is provided by the robust slewing systems. Thanks to the sturdy cylinder and joint shafts, as well as the large bearing surfaces, the joints can withstand demanding operation without clearance. The V-formed bottom of the telescopic  outer boom reinforces the structure, and the shape centres the extension

  • Kelsa - Model 500 - Forwarder cranes

    Kelsa - Model 500 - Forwarder cranes

    The KESLA 500 series cranes are suitable for small forwarders and robust forest trailers and the rear axle casing of  heavy farm tractors. The range includes single and double extension models. In addition to the standard pillar, a short (M) and high (H) pillar are available.  The features can be supplemented with solutions from the wide range of KESLA proG grapples. There are a number of control valve options from a mechanical double lever...

  • Tractor Forest Equipment

    For over 30 years, KESLA has been a global pioneer in providing forest equipment for tractors. Kesla products sold under the PATU trademark have been the global market leader since the early 1980s. KESLA has developed a large selection of timber loaders, timber trailers and accessories that make it easy to equip a tractor for efficient timber harvesting. KESLA has great solutions for both heavy professional users and forest owners harvesting their own timber.

  • Model Loaders - Tractor Forest Equipment

    Model Loaders - Tractor Forest Equipment

    All KESLA loaders are designed for efficiency and usability as well as working safety. Each loader is a combination of solid strength, reach and agility. In practice, this is demonstrated in the precision, comfort and power of the work: the loader responds to the controls almost like it is reading the driver’s mind. Many of the structural solutions used in the loaders are based on heavy-duty professional cranes used in trucks and forest...

  • Model Trailers - Tractor Forest Equipment

    Model Trailers - Tractor Forest Equipment

    Kesla is the world’s leading manufacturer of timber trailers with over 30 years of experience. Kesla has the largest selection of timber trailers for use with tractors for timber harvesting and transport. The comprehensive selection has a perfect solution for every user. KESLA-timber trailers are made to withstand heavy year-round use, which is why they undergo rigorous quality and safety testing. The stability, load-carrying capacities, drive...

  • Model Stroke delimber - Tractor Forest Equipment

    Model Stroke delimber - Tractor Forest Equipment

    A Stroke delimber is meant to delimber and cut the logs. The stroke delimber can be installed on the A-frame stablizers of a KESLA 200-series loader or on a KESLA forest trailer or on a three-point lifting device on a tractor. The 40LF is mechanically controlled whereas in the 40LFe control valve is integrated into the stroke delimber, and the electric controls can be handled from the tractor cabin using a single joystick. This facilitates...