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  • FAE - Mulchers

  • FAE - Model DML/TWIN - Forestry Mulcher

    FAE - Model DML/TWIN - Forestry Mulcher

    Innovative shredder with a new concept fixed blade rotor, designed and built to be attached with low power tractors, suitable for shredding bushes and weeds as well as prunings of fruit trees or vineyards. The reversible attachment, aggressive and compact rotor are the main features of this machine that can be used in two different modes. In standard version as forestry mulcher for mulching and subsequent cleaning of bushes and small trees up to a...

  • FAE - Model UML/LOW - Forestry Mulcher

    FAE - Model UML/LOW - Forestry Mulcher

    It is specifically designed to be used on tractors with the PTO shaft positioned in a lower profile, for an optimal working angle. The contained dimensions and weight make it suitable for smaller and lower profile tractors. The frame is stronger to resist the pressure and push of tracked tractors as well as sharp turns. This avoids potential damage to the frame itself and to those components such as bearings and rotor hubs. UML/LOW is designed...

  • FAE - Model UML/SS - Forestry Mulcher

    FAE - Model UML/SS - Forestry Mulcher

    It is a forestry mulcher with fixed teeth rotor system and side shift system, expressly designed to work in vineyards, fruit trees, olive trees and orchards and all other applications that require shifting between trees. The strong and robust frame is designed for heavy applications. Multiple tooth options available for different applications.

  • Kesla - RH Roller Heads

  • Kesla - Model 16RH | 16 RHS - Roller Heads

    Kesla - Model 16RH | 16 RHS - Roller Heads

    Kesla 16RH is the market’s lightest professional harvester head equipped with four delimbing knives and multi-stem functions. It’s specially designed for integrated harvesting of timber and biomass. Professional multi-stem functions and the unique ProAX-cutting systems are unequalled features in this size- and weight class. The 16RH and 16RHS are real powerhouses for thinning, suited to 6-10 tons wheeled harvesters and...

  • Kesla - Model 18RH | 18RHS - Roller Heads

    Kesla - Model 18RH | 18RHS - Roller Heads

    The Kesla 18RH and 18RHS are genuine powerhouses when it come to thinning. The feeding and sawing forces are exceptionally high compared to the head's weight. 18RH and 18RHS are at their best in thinning where the trees' average diameter is less than 25 cm. The head's maximum opening is 40 cm. The head's compact construction also enables it to process crooked stems effectively. Additional accessories include the HydCon measuring roller, color...