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  • Avionics RF Assemblies

  • Leaky Feeder Assemblies

    Leaky Feeder Assemblies

    With the ever increasing demand for instant and reliable wireless access while in-flight, CarlisleIT has designed a flexible antenna solution. Our leaky feeder assemblies are designed to be used for wireless connectivity on aircraft and is compatible to a range of wireless systems. CarlisleIT’s CRC400 50 ohm radiating leaky feeder cable assemblies provide airline passengers unsurpassed reliable connectivity to inflight GSM and Wi-Fi networks and...

  • Low PIM Assemblies

    Low PIM Assemblies

    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' application engineering group has developed specialized low PIM cable assemblies for installation of antenna and electronic systems. Passive Intermodulation, also known as PIM, is the generation of unwanted signals by passive components with non-linear characteristics. These unwanted signals can effectively block desired signals or cause interference in other systems.

  • Model FlightGear - Radio Altimeter Cable Assemblies

    Model FlightGear - Radio Altimeter Cable Assemblies

    The FlightGear Radio Altimeter Cable Assemblies are designed to be impervious to harsh SWAMP environments and the special seal prevents water ingress, eliminating erroneous Rad Alt height indications due to faulty cables. Erroneous Radio Altimeter (Rad Alt) height indications are a frequent nuisance for flight crews and a costly problem for flight operations. More often than not, these spurious warnings are due to water ingress into the Rad Alt coax...

  • TCAS Cable Sets

    TCAS Cable Sets

    CarlisleIT has been at the forefront of coaxial cabling for TCAS systems since the initial FAA mandate. CarlisleIT’s ECS Brand of coaxial cable product line includes a variety of low loss, phase stable cables and robust field proven connectors for all commercially available TCAS systems. We have decades of knowledge and experience in designing TCAS coaxial cable systems for a wide of variety of demanding installations with limited installation...