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  • Seaside Plants

  • Mossgreen - Lonicera Pileata

    Mossgreen - Lonicera Pileata

    Evergreen. A dwarf wide spreading, shrub of dense habit. Excellent plant for ground cover and supressing weed. Good plant for coastal gardens.Height: 1m.Spread: 1.5m

  • Evergold - Carex Oshimensis

    Evergold - Carex Oshimensis

    Dense grass-like sedge without narrow, attractively striped yellow evergreen leaves persisting throughout the year.Suitable for: A sunny spot in any moist fertile soil.Height and spread (approx.): 20cm (8in) high and 20cm (8in) spread.

  • Shrubs

  • Aureus - Philadelphus Coronarius

    Aureus - Philadelphus Coronarius

    Golden-leaved Mock Orange.The oval, medium sized leaves are golden-yellow from Spring to Summer before falling in Autumn. In addition, white, scented flowers are produced in mid Summer. Good contrast with purple leaved shrubs or en-masse or as a specimen. Ideal for mixed or shrub borders.

  • Soft Fruit Bushes

  • Soft Fruit Bushes

    Soft Fruit Bushes

    Planting: Submerge pot in a bucket of water for 10 minutes. Then plant in the garden.

  • Fruit Trees

  • Elstar - Apple Tree

    Elstar - Apple Tree

    Malus Domestica.Fruit: Fairly large, regular clear red bloom.Flesh: Excellent taste with light aroma, quite firm and juicy.Harvest: Late September to mid October.Storage: Not too long.Fertilization by: Malus Domestica 'Gloster', 'Cox', 'Discovery', 'James Grieve'.