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  • Model SW 16 Series - Greenhouse

    Model SW 16 Series - Greenhouse

    The SW 16' Series is a perfect match for the beginning nurseryman or greenhouse operator wanting a combination of value and quality. Standard 1 7/8' O.D. ground posts are set on 5' centers and can be increased in length at a future time. Optional equipment can include corrugated or polycarbonate endwalls, and steel endwalls and/or sidewalls. Ventilation and horizontal airflow fans are also available. This structure is an economical choice for the...

  • Model 30 Series - Straightwall

    Model 30 Series - Straightwall

    Paying attention to the consumer’s specifications led to the design and manufacturing of the 30’ Straightwall series. Similar in style to our 30’ Quonset series model, we have raised the sidewalls 3’ to allow for better cross ventilation. The 30’ Straightwall series has a higher pitched roof for better drainage/snow removal as well as the necessary overhead space for propagation of hanging baskets. One of our most popular...

  • Model 30 Series - Quonset

    Model 30 Series - Quonset

    The 30' Quonset Series is a true ground to ground greenhouse. Using larger engineered mechanical tubing allows for greater strength than most traditional cold frames on the market today. Economical, fast erection, quality galvanized steel construction. 1 3/8' O.D. groundposts are on 5' centers and the customer decides the length. Optional ventilation, heating, cooling, watering, truss, and metal endwall packages are available to customize this...

  • Model 35 Series - Structural Strength

    Model 35 Series - Structural Strength

    These two words say it all! Just by examining the specifications associated with our SS Series, you will be in agreement that there is not a stronger greenhouse on the market today. Design of this structure model is geared toward powerful wind velocities and snow/ice accumulation. Lower profile means more efficient heating and lower fuel costs. Five-foot sidewalls provide room for plant benches. Drop curtains provide excellent cross ventilation, or...