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  • Carter Manufacturing - Plot Seeder

    Carter Manufacturing - Plot Seeder

    Although designed and used primarily for seeding forages, this seeder has also been used for seeding small grains, canola and vegetables. The ability of this seeder to plant large numbers of plots quickly, accurately and economically has made it a favorite of research workers. Features: 3 hp Briggs & Stratton I/C engine, seed tray and drag chain, smooth rubber packer wheels, cast steel vee furrow wheels, removable wheels for row markers, seed...

  • Carter Manufacturing - 3-Chute Forage Harvester

    Carter Manufacturing - 3-Chute Forage Harvester

    Harvester with weigh buckets, conveyor and new high lift dump cart. Benefits-Features: unload forage directly on wagon or truck, eliminates coming back later to remove piles of weighed forage, 40% larger hopper than old style cart, conveyor belt shut-off, hydraulically actuated stabilizer arms and dumping action, 7 ft. dumping height standard(other heights available), cart and harvester can be transported on 17 ft. long trailer, transport lock, tongue...

  • Carter Manufacturing - Harvester Mounted Weigh Hopper

    Carter Manufacturing - Harvester Mounted Weigh Hopper

    Harvesting large numbers of forage plots in a timely, uniform, efficient and accurate manner is possible with the Carter flail harvester. Whether the forage is standing well, lodged or tall, it is cut and deposited into a container for weighing and subsequent handling. Harvesting becomes a one-person operation when coupled with a CARTER weighing system. ThisNewHarvester Mounted Weigh Hopper is a compact unit with excellent machine stability and...

  • Carter Manufacturing - Row Crop Planters

    Carter Manufacturing - Row Crop Planters

    Basic 'no frill' planters that do quality work efficiently and economically. Custom crafted especially for you. Standard Equipment: 2 or 4 row configuration, 3-point models have Category II hitch and 7'x7' toolbar, Kinze or John Deere MaxEmerge row units, plateless drive with bulk seed hopper, row spacing of 30-40 inches with plot lengths of 8-48 feet,cone type seeders with seed cup and electric trip, seat for 1 rider, 2 seed box trays and 2 seed...

  • Carter Manufacturing - Split Combine Buckets Assemblies

    Carter Manufacturing - Split Combine Buckets Assemblies

    Custom units fit most anywhere on combine. Special features to meet your needs. Measures plot weight, moisture and test weight all at the same time. Two complete sets of field proven Carter buckets including holding hopper, test weights and plot weight buckets. Both sets perform the same operation at the same time using a single controller. Proven low volume--low pressure hydraulics provide quick, smooth, and positive operation of bucket functions....