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  • Underground Systems

  • Casella - Distribution Water & Liquid Manure Systems

    Casella - Distribution Water & Liquid Manure Systems

    The easiest, more economic and quickest way for distribution of water, fertigation and liquid manure on arable crops. Such systems were planned, projected and entirely made of high density polyethylene. Pipe in high density polyethylene in compliance with EN 12201, sanitary directives of the Ministry of Health according to the law ISO 9001, (SQP 027) blue co-extruded band. Our technical department is available for field survey, studies, projects and...

  • Satellite Technology VRT

  • Casella - Variable-Rate Fertilizer Spreader

    Casella - Variable-Rate Fertilizer Spreader

    Capacity 500 liters. Compensated automatic weighing system, working with inclination up to 40 degree both transversal and longitudinal.Automatic dispenser with variable rate and integrated GPS receiver. System of broadcast or localized distribution. A user-friendly display in the cabin making it proper for any kind of tractors (new and old ones).

  • System for Turbine Recover

  • Model 40 T - 50 T - Reducer Flow Hydraulic Turbine Pipe Rewinding System

    Model 40 T - 50 T - Reducer Flow Hydraulic Turbine Pipe Rewinding System

    Reducer flow hydraulic turbine pipe rewinding system with free maintenance patented coaxial reducer. Minimum pressure required 3,5 Bar, maximum 8 Bar (see proper manometer). Rewinding speed fully adjustable from 0 to 40 mt/h. Automatic stop at the end of run. Compact dimensions, optimum weight balancing on wheels. Adjustable sector irrigator with spare nozzles. Easy and economical maintenance. Hoseguide for perfect pipe rewinding. Wheeled and variable...

  • Jet Holder Carts

  • Model L-LL-LLS - Cart

    Model L-LL-LLS - Cart

    2 wheels CART with central adjustable sled at height 0,50 mt and width from 1,80 mt to 3mt. It is also possible to install iron cement wheels 40kg for each one.