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  • Ferris - Model EVKAV2048 - Mowers

    Ferris - Model EVKAV2048 - Mowers

    The forward thinking design of the Ferris Evolution™ zero turn mower allows the operator to be placed in the most ideal ergonomic position to mow a lawn. The operator’s back, shoulders and neck are aligned in the zero turn lawn mower's seat to minimize discomfort and fatigue. The operator’s weight is evenly distributed providing comfort throughout the day. Integrated lawn mower suspension technology heightens the riding experience and delivers...

  • Kioti - Model CK30 - Tractor

    Kioti - Model CK30 - Tractor

    There’s a lot to love in the CK Series. Such as the industry’s simplest maintenance and an ultra-quiet, low vibration, environmentally friendly Daedong diesel engine. All CK series tractors also feature suspended brake and clutch pedals to maximize the operator platform for ease of movement.