CEMA aisbl - European Agricultural Machinery

CEMA aisbl - European Agricultural Machinery

CEMA is the European association representing the agricultural machinery industry. Since 50 years CEMA acts as a network of national associations and provides services, advice and a common European industry view on relevant topics. Topics are the different technical legislations like on tractor type approval, braking, harmonisation of road requirements, emissions; but also issues like sustainability, and economic issues. In the agricultural machinery sector, there are some 4 500 manufacturers, that generated a turnover of around EUR 28 billion in 2008. 135 000 people work in this sector and a further 125 000 people work in distribution and maintenance.

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Diamant Building, Blvd. A.Reyers 80 , Brussels , 1030 Belgium

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Professional association
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Internationally (various countries)

CEMA´s Mission & Tasks

CEMA - the voice of the European Agricultural Machinery Industry

Modern agricultural machine technology helps farmers to:

  • efficiently use the scarce agricultural area
  • maximize harvest results
  • use water in a targeted and responsible way
  • nourish plants with exactly the amount of fertiliser needed
  • protect their crops against damage via exact dosage and targeted application to maximize the yield while protecting nature
  • take the right decisions by providing all necessary information electronically
  • use of pesticides responsibly
  • manage their farms efficiently

The European producers of agricultural machinery provide solutions for all these challenges and for all types and sizes of farms

CEMA’s Mission

...is to work towards a balanced legislative and regulatory framework in the EU that:

  • supports the competitiveness of the industry in Europe and
  • enables the industry to provide smart solutions to help farmers worldwide to grow food affordably and sustainably

CEMA's Tasks

  • act as the face & voice of the industry in Brussels and vis-à-vis international organisations (OECD, FAO, UNIDO)
  • identify & address the impact of EU regulation on the sector
  • develop common industry positions on relevant topics
  • promote a deeper understanding of the European agricultural machinery industry among EU decision-makers, regulators and stakeholders
  • provide expertise and advice to the European Institutions

The European Agricultural Machinery Industry

  • Includes 4,500 manufacturers of agricultural equipment  consisting of large multinational as well as numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
  • Has a total turnover of €26 billion and provides employment for 135,000 people directly in the sector and another 125,000 persons indirectly in the distribution and service network;
  • CEMA manufacturers produce 450 different types of machines ranging from tractors and combine harvesters to plant protection equipment and precision seed drills.

CEMA is a European network of national ag machinery associations and their member companies.

The General Assembly (GA) elects the Board of Directors (2-year mandate) which oversees and controls the work of CEMA and its different working groups:

  1. Public Policy Group (PPG)
  2. Economic Expert Group (EEG)
  3. Product Groups (PGs)
  4. Technical Board (TB)

Specific technical and regulatory issues are dealt with in dedictated Project Teams (PTs) which operate under the umbrella of the Technical Board and bring together representatives of national associations and industry experts.

The day-to-day work and contacts with other organisations are managed by the CEMA Secretariat.

The current President of CEMA is Mr Richard Markwell.