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  • Precision Farming

  • Precision Seeding Services

    Precision Seeding Services

    Seeding (or: sowing) is a critical step in crop growing. For a successful seeding process, two challenges need to be overcome. Correct depth: if sown too deep into the soil, roots will not be able to breath. If sown on the surface, birds may damage the seeds. Proper distance: if plants are overcrowded, they will not to get enough water, nutrients and sunlight, resulting in yield loss. If they are planted too far from each other, valuable land is left...

  • Precision Harvesting Services

    Precision Harvesting Services

    For the farmer, harvesting is a critical point in time. Speed, accuracy, and timing determine whether the harvest will be successful. Until recently, harvesting was the most burdensome and laborious activity of the entire growing season. Today, the task is taken over by some of the most sophisticated farm machines such as: The combine harvester (‘combine’): one of the most important labour-saving inventions of all times.It combines 3...