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  • Box Train Trolleys

    Box Train Trolleys

    BOX-TRAIN trolleys are an innovative system for collecting fruit, grapes, vegetables and various farm products in bins, and can be used in every type of orchard and in cultivated fields, on grass-covered or compact ground, flat or slightly hilly surfaces. The basic unit consists of a pair of trolleys, manufactured in ST version, capacity of one bin per trolley and DL version, capacity two bins per trolley.

  • Raccoglirami - Rake

    Raccoglirami - Rake

    CESARI rake is the perfect tool for quickly and efficiently clearing of all pruning after cutting in orchards, vineyard, olive and citrus plantations with a width of least 3 metres.

  • Multiplex - Multipurpose Patented System

    Multiplex - Multipurpose Patented System

    Multiplex is an intelligent, multipurpose patented system for rationalising and streamlining orchard-cleaning operations, with maximum safety and comfort of the operator. Built in various models at double working section for plantations from 1,70 to 4,50 metres in width, has the following characteristics:

  • Model RAP1 - Rake

    Model RAP1 - Rake

    The new range of RAP rakes with one brush for clearing  away pruning after cutting is suitable to every orchard or vineyard plantation and applied to every type of tractor, equipped by an hydraulic distributor.

  • Model RAP2 - Rake

    Model RAP2 - Rake

    RAP2 rake has the following characteristics: perfect for contemporary use with shredder, applied on front of the tractor, equipped by two distributors, with a fix connection (front lift is not necessary), height adjustable in six positions, manual lateral enlargement (from tractor centre, brush included, min. 120cm max. 200cm) or hydraulic enlargement with jack (a second distributor is needed), hydraulic jack for brush lifting, provided with pipes and...

  • Model RAP3 - Rake

    Model RAP3 - Rake

    RAP3 rake has the same characteristics, but can be applied to front or back lift of the tractor by a special connection, and has a reversible brush without jack for lifting.