Since its inception, the CFC Group - owner of the companies CFCAI and Industrial Applications, and of the brands LAW, SATIG, Emile Marot and DAGUET - led his developments for improving the post-harvest technologies. Its expertise is recognized worldwide and makes CFCAI a leader in its field. Involved in the promoting a French industrial sector, the company continues to develop partnerships outside its borders and expand its network in five continents. Thus, its development is part of the framework of cooperation and economic strategies to implement solutions at the heart of an essential activity to humanity and its future. Its expertise is recognized worldwide and makes CFCAI a leader in its field.

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BP 4 , TRICOT , 60420 France

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Based on its international reputation, provider of global technological solutions, for over a century now the CFC group has offered performance, safety and profitability.  A pioneer in the design and development of dryers, our entire line of equipment relies on innovation.  Experts in the processing of granular materials, we have the know-how to provide special need applications.

having multiple design offices, and internal R & D, the company is ever more committed to its actions and priorities:

  • attentive to its customers and continuous improvement of product performance,
  • perfect knowledge of the technologies used,
  • cost control in a deep sense of the constraints related to the preservation of the environment.