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  • Model C869 - Backpack Power Spray

    Model C869 - Backpack Power Spray

    Power sprayer is one of our main products. Power sprayers with backpack type are design to make agriculture work more efficiently and convenient. If you have a large yard or field, the work will go much faster and easier if you have power sprayers. With the 26c.c. gasoline engine and knapsack type, it can manifest the power sprayer mobility and maneuverability effects. Power Sprayers with a large 20L corrosion-resistant PVC tank holds water,...

  • Model C5700 - Lawn Mower

    Model C5700 - Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mower is ideally suited for who desire to maintain large expanses of grass such as garden, golf course or parks. Therefore, our lawn mower is developed lightweight and mobility for clearing grass more efficiently. Lawn mower with a convenient quick release cutting blade or a dual nylon line or both, our lawn mower really is a machine for the hard work in the all kind of grass.