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  • Log Splitters

  • ECHO Bear Cat - Model LS22 - 22 Ton Log Splitter

    ECHO Bear Cat - Model LS22 - 22 Ton Log Splitter

    The ECHO Bear Cat LS22 log splitter features a Subaru SP170 engine. This 169cc engine features easy recoil starting and improved cold weather performance. It’s shipped with the 4-gallon hydraulic system filled with Dexron III rated Automatic Transmission Fluid, which provides ease of operation on components in cold weather conditions. Storing the LS22 is easy and compact with the fold up trailer hitch.

  • Stump Grinder

  • ECHO Bear Cat - Model SG340 - Stump Grinder

    ECHO Bear Cat - Model SG340 - Stump Grinder

    A 340cc Honda OHV engine will let you grind down stubborn tree stumps in mere minutes when you fire up a stump grinder from ECHO Bear Cat. Because the design is so compact, you can get the 12 hardened carbide cutting teeth next to building foundations, sidewalks and other fixed objects. Only 23 inches [58cm] wide, it will fit into any yard. The single wheel brake allows the operator to pivot the cutting head across the surface of the stump as it holds...

Products by M.C. Faulkner & Sons, Inc.

  • Skid Steer and Tractor Attachments

  • Rake Grapples

    Rake Grapples

    Made for land clearing, material handling and demolition clean-up. Leave the small material behind. Custom made to your tine spacing requirements. Heavy Duty construction.

  • Side Dump Buckets

    Side Dump Buckets

    Our Side Dump Buckets make material spreading and controlled site dumping much cleaner and easier. Our 45 degree sliding chute on one end of the bucket allows for depositing material along a curb or in a trench, or filling other machines with material, such as curbing and paving machines, with minimal clean-up and hand material movement. The bucket moves like a normal bucket, as well as tilting to one side. Optional bolt on edges are...

  • Wheel Loader Attachments

  • Pipe Grapples

    Pipe Grapples

    Our Wheel Loader Pipe Grapples are designed to handle large or small diameter pipe and are made to last, using rugged HardOx Steel in high wear areas. Available with either quick coupler, or pin-on configurations. Optional Diverter Valve can be included on the frame.