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  • Trailed Sprayers

  • Guardian - Trailed Sprayers

    Guardian - Trailed Sprayers

    The Guardian trailed sprayer has a market leading specification as standard as is packed with innovative features to maximise spraying performance and accuracy.

  • Sentry - Trailed Sprayer

    Sentry - Trailed Sprayer

    Released in 2006, the Chafer Sentry trailed sprayer has become the standard to which others in the industry work to. Designed with large scale arable farmers and contractors in mind, the Sentry is specified to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency are achieved in all conditions.

  • Self-Propelled Sprayers

  • Chafer - Model FC - Multidrive Tractors

    Chafer - Model FC - Multidrive Tractors

    Chafer Machinery have been working closely with Multidrive tractors to develop a new versatile forward control self propelled sprayer based on the well proven Multidrive 6195 tractor. The new machine has been designed to combine the benefits of a mechanical transmission with the efficient layout of a forward control sprayer.

  • Precision Liquid Fertiliser Application

  • QuickStart - Liquid Fertilisers Cultivators

    QuickStart - Liquid Fertilisers Cultivators

    The accurate application of liquid fertilisers during establishment is driven by a desire to increase yields whilst also reducing inputs. Placement of fertiliser in both vegetable and cereal crops is something Chafer has been doing for decades, so we are perfectly placed to provide the equipment you require.

  • Model MR - Streambars

    Model MR - Streambars

    Streambars are the most efficient and accurate method of applying liquid fertiliser to a growing crop. The new Chafer Streambar MR has been designed to overcome some of the inherent problems with original Streambar design. The new system speeds up changes in application rate, simplifies installation onto all types of sprayer and minimises the risk of damage or twisting while spraying.

  • Chemical Applicators

  • Model KS600  - Flail & Spray Sprayer

    Model KS600 - Flail & Spray Sprayer

    Combining haulm destruction and desiccant application in one pass offers cost savings without any compromise to speed or skin set. Developed in conjunction with Grimme UK to fit the KS600 three bed topper the flail and spray unit enables application of desiccant to topped stems immediately after haulm removal.

  • Amistar  - Model AS120 - Sprayer

    Amistar - Model AS120 - Sprayer

    Chafer’s AS120 Amistar Sprayer has been designed at the request of Grimme UK for the application of Amistar in furrow at planting for the prevention of Stem Canker and Black Scurf (Rhizoctonia solani) and Black Dot (Colletotrichum coccodes).