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    Developed in conjunction with the University of Sheffield, ARMA is our own range of wear-resistant coatings. ARMA coatings are a pioneering solution to component wear problems that has been independently verified by Sheffield Hallam University. ARMA complements and enhances our traditionally produced wear-resistant parts by substantially increasing their durability and length of service.

  • Armacarb - Coatings

    Armacarb - Coatings

    For truly exceptional wear life, we recommend ARMACARB. 65 HRC Tungsten carbide tiles inserted into 55 HRC hardened boron parts provide the ultimate solution in extreme, abrasive conditions – increasing wear life by six to ten times. Designed in collaboration with internationally renowned carbide technologies suppliers, we offer a unique-in-the-industry process which mimimises the Heat Affected Zone such that the hardness of the parent metal is...

  • Armatech - Coatings

    Armatech - Coatings

    A specialised hard metal powder alloy is precisely mixed to form a slurry which can be applied to the surface of the part by dip or spray. As virtually any coating profile can be achieved, it is particularly suitable for parts with complex geometries, those for acidic applications and those where a smooth surface finish is desired. These are passed through an atmosphere-controlled furnace to form a sintered metal matrix composite coating that has a...

  • Armatech+ - Coatings

    Armatech+ - Coatings

    A recent development of the ARMATECH concept sees the addition of tungsten carbide particles to the standard formula, providing all the benefits of its sister coating and increasing wear life by four to five times.