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  • Overseeder


    The Overseeder buries the seed up to 20mm(3/4”) deep in the ground, safe from the beaks of hungry birds and out to the way of the wind. The amount of seed is controlled to a highly accurate degree and the Overseeder takes undulating ground firmly in its stride. This is thanks to individually mounted coulters that allow the seeder to work in undulating conditions.

  • Verti-Brush


    The Verti-Brush levels and distributes topdressing material with powerful hydraulic brushes. The 5 counterrotating brushes easily reach to the base of the turf to loosen and evenly redistribute fill or can be applied to mix and level a new application. The durable poly brushes can be accurately set to a specific depth to achieve a light surface brush-in or aggressively mix and loosen the deepest fill.