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  • Sulphur

  • Chemtrade - Molten Sulphur

    Chemtrade - Molten Sulphur

    Chemtrade is a leading supplier of molten sulphur throughout North America and Europe providing professional removal services to producers in the oil and gas industry as well as marketing to end users in agriculture, mining, industrial applications and chemical manufacturing. Backed by our world class supply chain team, technical service expertise, industry leading tank car fleet and vast network of truck carriers we can fulfill your needs safely and...

  • Sulex - Model 70 - Emulsified Sulphur

    Sulex - Model 70 - Emulsified Sulphur

    Chemtrade manufactures a flowable micronized sulfur emulsion suspended in water called Sulex 70, which is used in pulp and paper applications as a cost effective sulfidity builder. It is also used in agricultural applications as a slow release sulfur fertilizer and as an effective soil amendment to modify alkaline soils.