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  • Chieftain - 20T High Speed Dump Trailer

    Chieftain - 20T High Speed Dump Trailer

    Chieftains Fast Tow Dump trailers are specifically designed for towing behind high speed tractors and Fast Tracs. These high speed dump trailers are fitted with high speed commercial axles, 420mm x 180mm brakes, and air and hydraulic braking systems (with over 50% braking performance) as standard. This permits the trailers to travel at speeds of up to 100km/hr.

  • Chieftain - Mono Dump Trailer

    Chieftain - Mono Dump Trailer

    This half pipe tipping trailer is manufactured with HARDOX steel. Hardox is a new extra high strength and durable steel.It is produced by SSAB Oxelösund and is lower in weight and higher in durability than ordinary mild steel. Chieftain is a registered member of HIMB “ Hardox in my body” and all of Chieftain’s designs for the use of Hardox have been approved by SSAB. Please see Chieftain’s HIMB certificate for details.

  • Chieftain - Multi Purpose Dump Trailer

    Chieftain - Multi Purpose Dump Trailer

    Chieftain’s multi purpose dump trailer has been specifically designed to do everything that a normal Chieftain Dump Trailer can do, but, with its specially designed door, loading ramps can be placed at the back of this dump trailer to enable the safe and convenient loading of tracked machines and excavators. This helps operators save time and money as this general purpose trailer is essentially two trailers in...

  • Chieftain - Tapered Body Dump Trailer

    Chieftain - Tapered Body Dump Trailer

    The Chieftain Dump trailer range has been designed to work in conjunction with agricultural/industrial tractors for use in the transportation of materials. Some models can also be used to transport various sizes of excavators.