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  • Predation Nets

    Predation Nets

    We provide solutions for all species of fish and predatory birds at hatcheries and fish farms. We stock a complete line of mesh sizes, twine sizes, and netting materials so we react quickly to your needs. We design and manufacture the product in house, providing either turnkey solutions or products for your installers. Either way, we have exactly what you need to humanely reduce fish losses from your hatchery ponds and raceways of any shape and...

  • Seines


    Custom built seines allow for peak performance in specific environments. Our heavy-duty seines consist of EVA floats on a braided float line with an average break strength of 2600 lbs. Christensen Net Works manufactures heavy duty seines, traps, kick seines, and beach seines.

  • Pursing Tank Seines

    Pursing Tank Seines

    Pursing tank seines are an effective way to transport fish from point A to point B. Other types of seines require personnel to get inside the tank which can be a safety concern. With our design, there's no need.

  • Net Pens

    Net Pens

    Since 1984, we have designed & produced thousands of custom net pens for hatchery operations, fish farms, and ocean farming operations. Our team can work with your design, or ours to produce exactly what you need. We've built net pens that include integrated predation netting, pens that float, and pens designed to suspend from existing frame structures.

  • Research Nets

    Research Nets

    We work closely with the US Department of Fish and Wildlife and hundreds of state and local fish and game agencies for catch and release, fish counts, and other research operations. We have the experience to work with your specific applications and requirements to design the optimal netting solution. In the past we have manufactured fyke nets, trapping seines, funnel nets, trawl nets, and trap nets.

  • Dip Nets

    Dip Nets

    We manufacture dip nets to meet any specification, and for any fish from young of the year to king salmon. We manufacture handles and frames from stainless steel or aluminum. We fabricate bags from virtually any netting, or combination of material. These include oversized dip nets, adult fish dip nets, vinyl bottom dip nets, small mesh dip nets, and bucket nets.