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  • Farmers

  • Ciancaglini - Model Star 7 - Coltivatore

    Ciancaglini - Model Star 7 - Coltivatore

    The peculiar V-shape of the frame, allows the processing of all types of terrain, even in the presence of weeds, small, compact and stony soils necessary for the pass again and summer.

  • Superstar - Simultaneous Processing Machine

    Superstar - Simultaneous Processing Machine

    Allows the simultaneous processing of both the line that 's Spacing, thanks to the support structure to which it is applied scalzatore blade. Number is provided: scalzatore interfilare plumber  'TRONIC'-button 12-volt electric, magnetic appeal blade distance  spur front with vomerino reversible. roll...

  • Ciancaglini - Dual Row Machine

    Ciancaglini - Dual Row Machine

    Machine that allows the processing of the row is that of 'Spacing. Thanks to the telescopic frame plumber you can adjust the side opening to fit your needs

  • Blade-Row

  • Tronic - Model SI/L - Treated Steel Blade Row

    Tronic - Model SI/L - Treated Steel Blade Row

    The scalzatore-row, with treated steel blade is made of quality materials with high wear resistance, essential for ecological weed control practice, both in the vineyards orchards. It consists of a probe, adjustable, which in contact with plants, activates the hydraulic system that allows the blade to close. Its high sensitivity can be achieved cleaning herbs infestani around the plants, even at very short distances (c. 30), with the utmost...

  • Frame Interfilare

  • Gold - Frame Interfilare Machine

    Gold - Frame Interfilare Machine

    Consisting of a frame at 3 points in the telescopic tube and applies the scalzatore a blade-row.  Equipped with lateral spreading of cm. 40, manual or hydraulic, which allows the machine to adapt to any spin. It also built a decentralized, allowing an expansion of cm. 70, to facilitate the combination of plants with low foliage.

  • Variant - Frame Interfilare Machine

    Variant - Frame Interfilare Machine

    Same specifications as 'Gold', but with the possibility to work with the Spacing both sides.  Minimum distance cm. 220 - max cm. 300. Series comes with a pair of hydraulic pistons for moving the side.

  • Subsoiler

  • Vigna  - Model 5 - Subsoiler

    Vigna - Model 5 - Subsoiler

    Tubular frame to which are applied by means of bolted brackets, anchors, with shear bolts and wing walls adjustable height, ideal for the working surface.

  • Deep - Subsoiler

    Deep - Subsoiler

    It allows for aeration and clearing of land to large depth, thus facilitating the penetration of water. The machine is complete with ball diam. cm. 10, which allows you to drill a drainage channel that remains over time. The anchor is secured to the frame by a bolt of security, which in case of a collision enable him to disengage and rotate backwards. At the top of 'yet there are 3 holes that allow you to...

  • Condor - Subsoiler

    Condor - Subsoiler

    You can work the soil without turn it vertically, drag and promote the restoration of water permeability, preventing the mixing of the processed surface and the loss of organic matter in depth. Standard supply: Shear bolts shear a tear Sharp Esplosori with Side tabs . Reversible plows