CID Lines N.V.

CID Lines N.V. has been focusing on innovative hygiene solutions for 25 years. We manufacture cleaning agents and disinfectants for the agricultural production (such as dairy, sheep, pig and poultry production), for the transport industries (carwash and truck wash) and for food processing. In our professional laboratories, specialised chemists and engineers work on the development and continuous improvement of formulations and processes. The most stringent quality standards (ISO 9001:2008 and GMP-Pharma) are being followed in production and quality assurance. CID LINES is exporting to more than 85 countries in 5 continents. This worldwide recognition is also a guarantee for quality and return.

Company details

Waterpoortstraat 2 , Ieper , Flanders 8900 Belgium

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Aquaculture
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The Mission of CID Lines

CID LINES wants to be an established value when it comes to innovative hygiene solutions, especially when it comes to product ranges, solutions and advise. We strive to implement those by having a proactive customer service at the most cost effective price.

Safe Food From Farm to Fork

CID LINES develops and produces hygiene products such as cleaners, disinfectants and medicines for veterinary use and for the food processing industry. We facilitate our products through implementing concepts that prevent contamination of diseases on animals and humans e.g.: the BIOPROTEXION concept for the agricultural industry, the STEP-program for the food processing industry and the KENOLUX concept for kitchens and HoReCa.

Innovative Vehicle Care

CID LINES stands for developing, producing and marketing innovative vehicle care chemicals. These products, the appropriate services and technical support are marketed under the brand KENOTEK.

The Values of CID Lines

CID LINES guarantees 3 values:

1) a personal relationship with all the stakeholders

The difference between CID LINES and other companies in our branch is that CID LINES is that we think of the personal relationship with all our stakeholders as an essential part. They have been the base of our company and have given us the possibility to accomplish our mission.

2) security for men, material and environment (MME)

CID LINES, as a producer of chemical products, wants to help ensure the security of the people, the environment and of material.

3) entrepreneurship

CID LINES has grown thanks to entrepreneurship! Through the history of our company big steps have been made by certain persons who have done in this way achievements of entrepreneurship. To guarantee entrepreneurship within CID LINES and to constantly stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit, we want to incorporate this attitude fully into the company. The realization of self-steering teams will make sure that every employee feels himself involved and responsible. We want every team member not only to do things but also to reflect upon the things he does and to make corrections whenever possible. Only like this the value that has raised CID LINES will filter through the whole company and we will never become lost.

The values of CID LINES are guaranteed.

The Vision of CID Lines (ambitions)

The vision of CID LINES encompasses 3 objectives for which we want to strive during the next 5 years:

  1. consolidate the growth and develop it further until the turnover is doubled in 2015
  2. entrepreneurship is guaranteed by CID LINES
  3. security for MME is guaranteed

CID LINES will stay at the top of Biosecurity by supplying the best products and services at the most cost effective prices, by listening to our customers and making continuous improvements to formulations and processes.