CIMA S.p.A., from over 30 years, produces machine for the distribution of phito-medicines (parasiticide and fungicides) both liquid than dusty. The CIMA`s models exploit technical solutions of avant-garde exlusive of the Firm, following an only objective: allowing consentire homogeneous and precise treatments in the respect of environment, assuring at every operational level a product qualitatively functional and economically advantageous. Our machines, both trailed than broughted, are adapted at every kind of agricultural machine, with con powers from 20 to 100 CV, and it have characteristic of encumbrance and maneuverability, such to also allow total coverages on the most difficult grounds. Particularly, Cima S.p.a. offers a lot of devices (heads) for the distribution of the mixture.

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Loc. Molino Quaroni , Montù Beccaria , PAVIA 27040 Italy

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It's been now more than 35 years since C.I.M.A. S.p.A. was established as a result of brave pioneers who believed in new and advanced tecniques for crop treatments. The new operative concept called Low Volume found the ideal environment and developed smoothly within the Valle Versa valley, situated in the famous Oltrepo' Pavese and famous for the quality of its grapes and wines. The peculiar needs of this area, the chance to offer an extremely high quality efficiency and cost-effective solutions as well as respecting the environment, did lead to believe that the farmers would have responded positively.

However the novelty itself was too ahead for the market demand and for a few years the skepticism delayed its introduction and application depeloment.

At the time there was an irrational opposition and a rather conservative attitude of the farmers to accept a tecnique already acknowledged and used in other countries.

These early difficulties faded once the market development imposed to the farmers the use of certain machineries and equipment that could guarantee a great cost-effective, a high functionality and a great result. All these factors to be combined with the respect for the environment.

The foreign market, notoriously difficult, responded positively and accepted this new technique rather quickly, despite the obvious early difficulties to familiarise with a totally new product and its advanced features. Features that were meant to fulfil so many different needs.

At this stage the technical department were undergoing a careful research and after scrupulous tests they were rewarded with the release of a highly functional machine, capable to work intensively under the most extreme environmental and climatic conditions. Nowadays C.I.M.A. is the winning proof of brave choice made over 35 years ago and its domestic and international successes are the recognition of the work done so far.

The 75% of C.I.M.A. sales are for the international market, of which the 25% goes to customers from Europe and the remaining 50% goes to Africa, America and Oceania.

The experience which was achieved throughout a consistent and yet growing presence in the reality of agricultural international markets, enables C.I.M.A. to realise and offer a high-tech product which is always up to date with the latest needs set by the world markets' laws