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  • Feed Mills

  • Model REO - Cooler Drier

    Model REO - Cooler Drier

    The coolers horizontal dryers of REO series have been studied specifically for cooling and uniform drying of granular or pulverulent products of any nature. The REO is constituted by a casing consisting of two separate rooms (a drying and a cooling) comprised of four uprights, they raise the whole structure of about 300 mm with respect to the bearing plane, by an air exchanger – steam, an aspirator and on a stainless steel hood, from the...

  • Model RT - Cooler Drum

    Model RT - Cooler Drum

    The horizontal drum coolers have been designed specifically for cooling and uniform drying of granular or pulverulent products of any nature; They are fitted with suction pump of suitable power able to realize the heat exchange air product that allows the cooling to room temperature. The drum with the fins at each rotation lifts the product and then allowing it to fall in a cascade. During this phase the product is invested more times from the air...

  • Model MV - Vertical Mixer

    Model MV - Vertical Mixer

    The vertical mixer is constituted by the cylindrical part, collecting cone, loading hopper to smooth the ground, of relapse for a perfect mixing tube and tubular support legs.

  • Model MO - Horizontal Mixer

    Model MO - Horizontal Mixer

    The horizontal mixer consists of a sheet steel case, with pressed and calendered, externally reinforced with profiles. The heads, which are also made of steel sheet reinforced with vertically profiled, are connected to the case by bolting. The reel of the mixer is constituted by two concentric helices of different diameters and to the contrary, mounted on the central axis. The latter is obtained by the working of a full round steel C40, on...

  • Model SV - Vibrating Screen

    Model SV - Vibrating Screen

    The vibrating screen is constituted by a metal outer structure, made with thick tubular, which supports, via anti-vibration elements, the separation chamber. The latter is constituted by a series of plates bolted pressopiegate which constitute the collection basin of the product, superiorly protected by lids. Within the same room is the sieve content, the characteristics of which are variable and in accordance to the product to be...