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  • NH3 Tank

    NH3 Tank

    Well it is finally here and we have nicknamed it the 'Stubby 2000'.  Three and a half years ago Circle K Mfg Co purchased the first 3000 gallon NH3 tank manufactured by Trinity.  It was at that time that Circle K realized the need for a slightly smaller 2000 gallon tank with all of the features and benefits the 3000 offered.  It was then in the fall of 2009 that Circle K worked with Trinity to help design the tank you see today. ...

  • Anhydrous Ammonia Trailers

    Anhydrous Ammonia Trailers

    If you already own another brand of tank wagons and are dissatisfied with your current implement tires: Circle K ships many super single tires and wheel assemblies to customers with this ongoing problem. Whether you are tired of repairing tires or have wheel dishes that are cracking out, our heavy duty Titan wheels and super singles are your answer!