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Products by Valtra Inc. - part of AGCO Corporation

  • Valtra - Model T Series - Tractors

    Valtra - Model T Series - Tractors

    The T Series continues the long tradition of powerful 6-cylinder tractors from Scandinavia. The T Series offers the right alternative for customers looking for a lot of power for both traditional farming tasks, as well as municipal and forest applications. The T Series is recognised around the world as a heavy-duty machine that nevertheless offers the highest levels of comfort for long hours of efficient work.

  • Valtra - Model N Series - Tractors

    Valtra - Model N Series - Tractors

    The Valtra N Series offers the very best performance and specifications in a balanced and functional package.The Valtra N Series represents Nordic practicality at its best, encouraging year-round use even in the most demanding conditions. All primary modules are designed and built in-house, including the engine, chassis, transmission, rear axle, hydraulics and cab.For us, versatility means that the same tractor can be used in various tasks and...

  • Valtra  - Model A Series - Tractors

    Valtra - Model A Series - Tractors

    The Valtra A Series has a long and distinguished heritage as the most popular tractor in Scandinavia.Now this reliable basic tractor has stepped into a new era. Work efficiency and user friendliness have been improved significantly with the new HiTech models.

  • Valtra - Model T Series 155 - 250 hp - Tractor

    Valtra - Model T Series 155 - 250 hp - Tractor

    When we developed the all new Valtra T Series, we rebuilt the tractor from the ground up.Where we come from, we don’t talk much. But we listen to our customers. You told us that the t hree most important reasons for selecting a Valtra are reliability, low total operating costs, and ease of use.  That’s how we built the fourth generation of Valtra tractors. We have been building tractors for more than 60 years, and the T...

  • Valtra - Model S Series - Tractor

    Valtra - Model S Series - Tractor

    The Valtra S Series is a big tractor, built to handle your toughest jobs. You can rely on it for big results. Have your thought about your return on investment? We have. We talk with farmers every day. The result is the fourth-generation S Series tractor, tested in demanding conditions to optimise its technical features, ergonomics, and productivity. Together with ACGO services, the S Series tractor will support the profitability of your business now...

Products by Hardi International A/S

  • Hardi Agriiculture Sprayers

  • RANGER  - Trailed Trailer Sprayer

    RANGER - Trailed Trailer Sprayer

    The RANGER is designed to meet the request for a simple and reliable trailer  2500 L. Booms 12 to 24m. Being the smallest in the large HARDI trailer range, the kinship does not fail. The RANGER is designed to meet the request for a simple and reliable trailer. Intelligent tank and frame design ensure stability and strength. Unique components guarantee best performance and ultimate durability. This goal is reached and proven by successful...

  • Hardi  - Model NK - Sprayers

    Hardi - Model NK - Sprayers

    The HARDI NK sprayer is one of the most versatile sprayers ever built. The NK is used by professional plant growers all over the world. It finds its use in traditional farming, horticulture, orchards, vineyards and on grasslands. The NK is a durable and well proven sprayer that offers far more features and options than you would expect from a sprayer in this class.  NK is ideal for spraying small to medium farms and for horticultural...

  • Hardi - Model MASTER plus - Liftmounted Sprayer

    Hardi - Model MASTER plus - Liftmounted Sprayer

    All key functions on the MASTER plus are unsurpassed. The integrated Quick Hitch, the well arranged MANIFOLD fluid system and the versatile boom range are some of the key features making handling a pleasure and spraying efficient. The large range of high quality features makes the MASTER plus a perfect choice for the demands of the moders farmers.With a large range of features, the MASTER plus is the perfect choice for the modern farmer....

  • Navigator  - Trailed Trailer Sprayer

    Navigator - Trailed Trailer Sprayer

    NAVIGATOR is synonymous with high quality and design which supports functionality. Properties which secure the value for money and ease of use. In the HARDI trailer family, NAVIGATOR offers features from midsize to full specifi cation solutions. The large range of high quality features makes the NAVIGATOR the obvious choice.

  • Orchard Mist Blowers

  • ZATURN  - Orchard Mist Blowers

    ZATURN - Orchard Mist Blowers

    Versatile - but uncomplicated, it meets your requirements for optimised small bush or large tree spraying. 1000 to 3000 L up to 55000 m3 air/h

  • JUPITER  - Orchard Mist Blowers

    JUPITER - Orchard Mist Blowers

    Delivers the capacity and air performance for high work rates in intensive orchard and plantation operations. 2000 & 3000 L, up to 85000 m3 air/h

  • Sprayer Components- Nozzles

  • Hardi - Model F-110 - Standard Flat Fan Nozzles

    Hardi - Model F-110 - Standard Flat Fan Nozzles

    All-round flat fan nozzle. Recommended for all types of pesticide application where optimum coverage is demanded. This nozzle will give you excellent and uniform liquid distribution at boom heights from 35 to 70 cm (50 cm recommended to take care of uneven terrain or boom movements).

  • LowDrift  - Nozzles

    LowDrift - Nozzles

    LowDrift nozzles are recommended when optimum spraying conditions cannot be achieved (risk of drift) and spraying cannot be postponed.

  • MINIDRIFT  - Nozzles

    MINIDRIFT - Nozzles

    The HARDI MINIDRIFT nozzle can be used for spraying at sub-optimal weather conditions, when spraying cannot be postponed. The MINIDRIFT nozzle will at low pressures reduce drift to a minimum.

  • INJET  - Nozzle

    INJET - Nozzle

    The HARDI INJET nozzles can be used for spraying at sub-optimal weather conditions, or when spraying cannot be postponed. The HARDI INJET nozzles are recommended for most pesticide applications where reduced risk of drift is demanded.



    Five [5] streams of liquid are distributed at different angles and flows by each Quintastream nozzle. Highest flow is from the middle stream and lowest in the outer, overlapping streams. HARDI QUINTASTREAM can be mounted using the filter casing without gasket (725737).

  • Hardi - Model F-80 - Flat Fan Nozzle

    Hardi - Model F-80 - Flat Fan Nozzle

    This nozzle has an 80° spray angle. On boom sizes from 24 to 36 m the boom height is often higher than 50 cm above the target. 80° nozzles provide good coverage with reduced drift risk at these higher boom heights and are also adaptable to band spraying.

  • DUOCAP - Flat Fan Nozzle

    DUOCAP - Flat Fan Nozzle

    HARDI DUOCAP gives you higher volume rate while still maintaining proper droplet size. Fitted with two Flat Fan or LowDrift nozzles HARDI DUOCAP will give Fine to Medium spray, suitable for fungicide spraying. Two different nozzles can be used.A Standard and a MINIDRIFT nozzle will give you the dual benefit of having fine droplets that ensures good coverage in the top of the crop and Coarse droplets that penetrates to the lower and more dense areas....

  • HARDI  - Foam Nozzles

    HARDI - Foam Nozzles

    HARDI foam nozzles are excellent for application of liquid fertilizers. Choose foam nozzles for broad leaf application - the large air inclusion bubbles will be reflected on the leaves and minimize crop damage.

  • Sprayer Components- Controller

  • Hardie - Model 5500  - Controller

    Hardie - Model 5500 - Controller

    HARDI Controller 5500 is more than a basic rate controller. It has many features that will enhance the liquid system on your sprayer and allow you to access more information on the work carried out. How could you work without it?

Products by Broughan Engineering Ltd.

  • Grain, Silage & Root Crop Trailers

    Grain, Silage & Root Crop Trailers

    The range of grain, silage and root crop trailers are available from 12 to 24 tonne tri-axle with 10 stud commercial axles on spring suspension.

  • Bale/Flat Trailers

    Bale/Flat Trailers

    Bale and Flat trailers are manufactured in all sizes, ranging up to 36ft and can be produced for Heavy Duty applications.

  • Cattle Trailers

    Cattle Trailers

    Cattle trailers are built in all sizes, ranging from 16ft to 32ft and come with aluminium sides and chequered floor and ramp.

  • Dump Trailers

    Dump Trailers

    Dump trailers are available in sizes ranging from 12 tonne to 24 tonne tri-axle.

  • Low Loaders

    Low Loaders

    Low loaders are available from 16 tonne to 30 tonne.

  • Bespoke Trailers

    Bespoke Trailers

    If you have an idea or specification, we can build a trailer to suit your requirements