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  • Fertmax

  • Fertmax Grow - Model A/B - High-Quality Premium Plant Nutrient Line

    Fertmax Grow - Model A/B - High-Quality Premium Plant Nutrient Line

    CleanGrow’s nutrients are ideal for all hydroponics and soil medias. We use top quality solution grade salts to achieve full solubility. The micronutrients found in Grow A are all in chelated form to allow maximum nutrient availability at a wide pH range. This allows our fertilizer to perform exceptionally well in soil and hydroponics growing systems. The ratios of the macronutrients found in Grow B promote vertical growth, generate foliage, and...

  • Fertmax - Model A/B - Harvest Production Bloom

    Fertmax - Model A/B - Harvest Production Bloom

    Specifically geared for intense harvest production, Bloom A has the right ratio of micronutrients to push your plants to their highest potential during the flowering stage of growth. With no extra added salts, Bloom A is formulated with element ratios to have a plant growth specific pH range in hydroponics. Bloom B offers the best ratio of NPK to stimulate flower production, increase quantity of flowering sites, and strengthen branches to support...

  • Fertmax - Booster/ Powder Booster

    Fertmax - Booster/ Powder Booster

    When used during the bloom phase of growth, Fertmax Booster and Fertmax Powder Booster will provide your plants with ample phosphorus for enhanced flower production. At the first sign of blossoming, our Booster products can add extra weight to your plants for a greater ultimate yield. We do not add dyes to hide impurities. You will notice our Booster product’s immaculate transparency demonstrating that fact.