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  • Pressure Cure Drying System

    Pressure Cure Drying System

    The Pressure Cure Drying System was developed by Custom Marketing Company, KEHO's distributor in the United States. The Pressure Cure Drying System allows harvesting of crops at high moisture (for example, wheat at 26% and corn at 28%) and drying down to optimal moisture.

  • Cross Duct and Quonset Systems

    Cross Duct and Quonset Systems

    KEHO Cross Duct Systems - dry 18% wheat, barely or sunflower.For effecient and econimical aeration and drying in your bin, pick a Cross Duct System by KEHO. Store your crops in Quonsets? We'll custom design a duct system to match your Quonset. Quonset duct systems are easily set up and taken down (for aeration only).All KEHO Ducts have louvered 'No-Fines' screens. We offer Cross Duct Systems to fit any size bin or...