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  • Percival Plant Growth Chambers

  • CLF - Arabidopsis Growth Chambers from Percival Scientific

    CLF - Arabidopsis Growth Chambers from Percival Scientific

    Percival Scientific was the first manufacturer to introduce dedicated chambers for Arabidopsis research. Percival Arabidopsis growth chambers are specifically designed for growth of Arabidopsis plants. They provide optimised controlled temperature, light and humidity conditions for growing Arabidopsis plants from seed to maturity. They can be adapted to modern Arabidopsis research from a wide range of options including special lighting options, RH...

  • CLF - Tissue Culture Chambers

    CLF - Tissue Culture Chambers

    This chamber product was specifically designed for plant cell culture. Chambers are designed as stand-alone units or as two level units to allow for separate growing environments within one small footprint.

  • CLF - Dew Formation Chamber

    CLF - Dew Formation Chamber

    You will find one dew chamber in the market – and that one is manufactured by Percival Scientific. Our dew chambers employ the most recent technology to simulate the actions of the natural elements commonly required for pathology research studies.

  • Percival Entomology Chambers

  • CLF - Drosophila Chambers

    CLF - Drosophila Chambers

    Percival Scientific's cutting edge technology is at the core of our commitment to delivering the best products on the market today. This commitment is clear with the Percival DR-36 Series which is dedicated to offer the best features for Drosophila research. 

  • CLF Percival - Control Systems

    CLF Percival - Control Systems

    Percival's Intellus Ultra has been designed exclusively for plant biology research – a sophisticated tool for programming your chamber to satisfy almost all research needs. Still, the straight forward, user-friendly and practical menus – make programming easy.

  • CLF Grobanks

  • BrightBoy - Walk-In Chamber

    BrightBoy - Walk-In Chamber

    The patented CLF BrightBoys are ideal to improve or convert any existing air-conditioned room or walk-in chamber into a multiple-condition room – finally enough space for different experiments or to give everybody in the group their own research area.

  • CLF FloraLEDs

  • floraLED - Starterkit

    floraLED - Starterkit

    The floraLED StarterKits are an easy and affordable to solution and ideal for student work or labs where phytochrome studies are only done occasionally. Available either as Module plus Controller Kits or as kits complete with our light tight BlackBox cabinet – they are a virtually plug-in solution.