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  • Soil Disinfection by Steam

  • Model LEM - Patented Machine

    Model LEM - Patented Machine

    In this configuration, an autonomous shield-supporting frame connected to the boiler carries out the disinfection. This disinfection technique does not require any tractor and is especially suited for tunnels for disinfection in any width (without beds). An operator sitting on the platform advances the unit at each disinfection cycle via metal wheels and electric motors. These wheels swivel 90 °C at the end of a tunnel into the next.

  • Fertilizing - Sowing - Sanding

  • Fertilizer Spreader for Beds

    Fertilizer Spreader for Beds

    CM REGERO Industries's fertilizer spreader is designed for the spreading of all types of products i­n powder or granulated form (with constant homogeneity). Its rotor distribution system provides very high accuracy in volume and distribution. The fertilizer spreader can be equipped with an advancement proportional device (APD) to enhance spreading regularity. Output can be controlled by adjusting the rotation of the distribution, by opening the...

  • Pneumatic Seed Drill

    Pneumatic Seed Drill

    CM REGERO Industries's pneumatic seed drill can sow in close rows. The sower's case has been designed to sow all types of vegetables seeds with very high accuracy.

  • Self-Loading Sander

    Self-Loading Sander

    The self-loading sander spreads sand on vegetables and horticultural sowing as well as for the cleansing of green spaces and playing fields. It makes it possible to store sand locally in a heap and to operate with only one person effortlessly. The sander comes in several versions: front, rear, towed, 700 or 1000 liter trunk

  • Planting in Cubic Blocks

  • Model R862 - Mechanical Planting Machine

    Model R862 - Mechanical Planting Machine

    This mechanical planting machine is light, compact and versatile. It is ideal for multi-vegetable producers who plant in limited quantities Planting is carried out in separated blocks, with supply via a peg belt. For this reason, its performance is lower than the other models (approximately 5000 blocks/hour with 2 operators), but speed depends largely on the capacity of the operators to position the blocks. With this machine, the quality...

  • Model R908 - Mechanical Planting Machine

    Model R908 - Mechanical Planting Machine

    This mechanical planting machine is operated in a standing position for better comfort and greater efficiency. Planting supply is provided in block strips. Output is increased: over 12,000 blocks/hour with 2 operators. This machine requires blocks of good quality since their separation is carried out by the planting machine. Planting height is adjusted via rear press wheels, and row spacing is adjusted by changing gears. This machine comes in versions...