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  • Heating

  • Model B52 - Heater

    Model B52 - Heater

    The B52 offers a constant supply of water even at sub-zero temperatures, solving the problem of frost and frozen pipes and drinking bowls. Its operation employs three heating elements, operated automatically in response to changes in temperature. With a thermostatic control unit, it offers automatic switch-on in response to the return water temperature, automatic heating power adjustment, overheating protection, visual status...

  • Electric Infrared Heating Lamps

    Electric Infrared Heating Lamps

    CMP impianti offers electric infrared heating lamps for installation in milking parlours, in pens for growing animals and in all livestock raising areas which require immediate, targeted heat, concentrated only when and where it is needed.

  • Electrical Panels and Systems

  • Rope Scrapers Panels

    Rope Scrapers Panels

    From the gained experience on the farms and directly by the demands of the operators in the industry, the CMP impianti produces panels for the management of the rope scrapers, improving the logic of the operation up to achieving the goal of providing a programmable panel based on real needs.

  • VS Ceiling Fans

  • Model VS Series Maxifan - Ceiling fan

    Model VS Series Maxifan - Ceiling fan

    It is used when it is required an assiduous work, in coverage of medium-large areas, where you do not have particular difficulties of technical nature. Its strong point is the axial unloader: a particular component patented by CMP and not usable by the competition, which is used to lighten the weight of the impeller from the output shaft of the speed reducer, allowing the blades to exploit to the maximum the distributed power from the engine,...

  • Model VS Series Compact - Ceiling Fans

    Model VS Series Compact - Ceiling Fans

    The ceiling fans of  the VSC series are the compact version of the VS Maxifan, reduced in size, without axial unloader, they are used with blades up to 4 meters in diameter to cover medium-small areas.

  • Model VS Series Light - Ceiling Fans

    Model VS Series Light - Ceiling Fans

    The VSL series is characteristic for the extreme versatility and compactness, due to the lightened chassis with side bracket, which can be installed also in challenging conditions in terms of height, it offers high yield because able to combine its adaptability to the high performance of coaxial motion-reducers. It is used with blades up to 4 meters in diameter to cover small-medium areas.

  • Model VS Series Mistral - Ceiling Fans

    Model VS Series Mistral - Ceiling Fans

    The ceiling fan Mistral version is the “entry level” of the series VS: it is made with solutions which allow to further contain the price without compromising the quality that has always distinguished CMP impianti. Available in all sizes of impeller produced by CMP impianti, it is delivered without axial unloader and flaps.

  • Traditional Fans

  • Circular Fans

    Circular Fans

    These fans, our production, are made of stainless steel fully hot-dip galvanised, the box of the frame is specially drilled for different inclinations of suspension, they have an impeller with five or seven blades directly on to the motor shaft, eliminating any dispersion of energy problems deriving from the transmission belt. They can be equipped with front and/or rear safety nets  and motor protection.