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CO.RI.MA Srl has acquired in an exclusive way the Barigelli trademark and today carries on with a consistent part of its activities. Production of self-propelled tomato harvester one-row and two-row self-levelling. Selling of second-hand machines (sugar-beet harvester one-row, two-row, three-row and six-row). Selling of second-hand tomato harvester machines. Selling of Barigelli spare-parts. Assistance, maintenance and after-sales service. CO.RI.MA Srl bases itself both on its staff experience and on products innovation, trying to offer machines and services that satisfy various customers’ requirements. Also for those reasons CO.RI.MA Srl is today the unique company in the wide world that constructs the two-row self-levelling tomato harvester, an innovative machine that gives important benefits in the tomato picking. CO.RI.MA Srl also deals with second-hand agricultural machines, with a high proficiency and specialization in Barigelli machines.

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Street G. Rossini 148 , Cingoli (MC) , 62011 Italy

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CORIMA is a company with over 50 years experienced team in the field of agricultural machines. CORIMA produces self propelled sugar-beet and tomato harvesters, exporting them all over the world from China to Brazil. CORIMA is the heir of a long technology tradition in sugar-beet harvesters started in the 60s with the well-known company Barigelli producing the world first sugar-beet harvester named “Esport 700”. Nowadays this really long tradition come to the present with the most advanced and high tech product: the self propelled six-rows sugar-beet harvester.
The product range is getting wider: sugar-beet harvesters, tomato harvesters and decanters. The markets are getting wider as well so that CORIMA reached any continent, from America to Asia.Experience and tradition are still improving up to the six-rows sugar-beet harvester   B/6-4x4 and the two-rows tomato harvester, both are examples of the excellence and high tech Italian know how reached by “Made in Italy”.


During the last 50 years, first Barigelli and then CORIMA got the ideas, projected realized, industrialized  and made business with every  kind of machines which was needed according to the time, place and conditions of the place where the sugar beet were to harvested.Future activity is customer oriented aiming the continuous technology research. Our reward is the ever growing sales all over the world and the wide range of products.