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  • Codema - SDF Virtual Marketplaces (VMP)

    Codema - SDF Virtual Marketplaces (VMP)

    Nowadays more and more flower and plant growers want to sell their products directly to trading companies. Digital links are commonly used on platforms, such as Floramondo and direct links with wholesalers. As a grower, you now fill in the product offer on different platform yourself. This is very tricky with keeping track (on the accuracy) of your stock. If you have 100 casks in stock and in case 20 of the casks are being bought in one market place,...

Software by SERCOM

  • Sercom - Screen Manager Software

    Sercom - Screen Manager Software

    Sercom developed the screen manager for automatic control of the screens. With this module on the process computer, up to 12 screens in one department can be controlled. This allows each department to optimalise its climate.