Colombo North America continues the legacy of the Colombo Group extending the technology of the Rotary Axial-Flow System Combine to the American Farmer. Since 2006 we have grown in the market from the first 4-Row Advanced Peanut Combine to now offering a 6-Row Twin Master Peanut Combine, 2-Row Double Master III Peanut Combine, and Dump Cart. We are annually updating and modifying our equipment to better suit the American Farmer’s harvesting needs. Our engineers meet post-season with farmers to consider modifications to better the harvest.

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1301 Industrial Blvd , Adel , Georgia (US) 31620 USA

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)

We are Colombo North America, a Peanut Combine Manufacturer located in Adel, Georgia. We operate as a subsidiary of Colombo Group, the largest Brazilian manufacturer of harvesters for peanuts, edible dry beans, and components such as PTO drive-shafts and U-Joints.

Our 40 plus year old company is recognized world wide for our quality of products, engineering expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and high quality workplace. Colombo North America has continued this legacy in Georgia since 2006 providing the nation’s peanut farmers with a selection of Rotary Peanut Combines, technical service and active support for Colombo Peanut Combines.

Farmers in North America should use Colombo Peanut Combines because Colombo peanut harvesters yield a low rate of LSK, impurities, and field losses. They are the only machines harvesting peanuts with Axial-Flow system which allows for working in more humid conditions. Colombo knows that farmers need to work without having any downtime in the most critical moments of the season.

This technology allows for a longer workable day. At the end of the season you harvest more acres with only a single machine. Colombo combines are simple. They have only a few points of adjustment: pulleys, gears, and belts. This makes for simpler, easier self-repairs.

This also makes them far less expensive in maintenance costs. Adjustable rotor pins allow the combine to pick in a wider variety of conditions. Colombo has over 40 years of development behind us. In these years we have accumulated expert experience in peanut farming and efficiently produced an affordable peanut combine.

Incomparable Service and Locations

We currently have dealers in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Arkansas. Dealers coming soon to Texas and Oklahoma. We provide technical service and support for Colombo Peanut Combines from our qualified service technicians and dealership network.

We have an active service that is always present during harvest season. Our headquarters is located in Adel, GA. We are Colombo North America and we look forward to partnering with you.

Colombo Group History

The Colombo Group began in the early 1970’s when the Colombo family needed to mechanize their peanut crops. Neighboring farmers began to request the use of the Colombo family Machines. Realizing that the harvest production of both beans and peanuts required improvements, the Colombo family developed equipment based on their knowledge of mechanics.

In less than ten years, Colombo had already achieved market leadership in peanut and combine production. Currently, Colombo has the best technology on bean harvesting in Latin America. Their machines count with the exclusive FABI-Fluxo system and Low Impact Axial System, which allows farmers to harvest dry, partially moist and green beans. Colombo’s reliable quality equals dependable operation in the field.


Little by little Colombo Group grew on a solid basis, extending activities, so that now they also manufacture drive shafts and spiders. There are parts that are integrated into Colombo machines, and also most of the tractors and agricultural machines in Brazil. Today, these drive shafts and spiders can easily be found in any part of the country through a large and efficient dealer network.

This is the part of the country through a large and efficient dealer network. This is also part of Industrias Reunidas Colombo’s initial philosophy, which translates into ensuring quality and peace of mind to farmers. Colombo knows that farmers need to work without having any downtime in the most critical moments of the season.

Support for the Automotive Sector

The same technology developed in the production of drive shafts and spiders for agricultural vehicles has led Colombo to build parts for the automotive sector as well. Colombo manufactures components for trucks, buses, and off-road and industrial vehicles with the dedication to quality, efficiency and variety as the combines.

Replacement parts are designed exactly with original specifications for a perfect replacement. Colombo strives to offer immediate solutions with maximum durability.

Adjusting To Growth

Colombo Group works with an exclusive cast-house to meet the parts demand required by the expanded market. Apart from making production more agile, Colombo has control over the quality standards of each part made with in house production. The combines are comprised of parts made by the cast-house. With this growth Colombo is now able to impose our own rhythm on the assembly line in order to grow as desired.

This autonomy allows better work planning, rapid response and efficiency in meeting the needs of all of the customers. Cardan shafts and components are supplied to all agricultural and automotive sectors. All work is performed by the most up-to-date assembly line, which ensures a quality finish, part by part.