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  • Electronic Timers

  • AquaJet - Aquaeasy Timers

    AquaJet - Aquaeasy Timers

    AquaEasy Timer with electrovalve ,easy to use. Setting from 1 to 999 minutes and works with 9V battery. Ideals also for misting systems.

  • AquaJet - Electronic Timers

    AquaJet - Electronic Timers

    Electronic timer with electrovalve, working with 9V battery. Run time and Frequency settings are ideal for traditional irrigation and misting systems.

  • Weeper Hose

  • AquaJet - Weeper Hose with PVC Core

    AquaJet - Weeper Hose with PVC Core

    Weeper Hose with PVC Core; Flexible and easy to handle. It includes connectors. Exercise pressure: from1 to 4 bar. Sizes available : 7,5mt and 15mt.

  • Aquapoint

  • AquaJet - AquaPoint Full Optional

    AquaJet - AquaPoint Full Optional

    Aquapoint Full-Optional Buried Version. Garden water outlet post in aluminium lacquared with epoxy anti-scratch paint, complete with two taps and stainless steel hose-hanger.

  • SprayGuns