CO.M.AN. S.r.l.

CO.M.AN. S.r.l.

The COMAN company has been founded in 1950 under the name of Fratelli Campelli. At the origins the production focused on the creation of agricultural accessories. In 1960 the company turned its production into the creation of concussion perforating machines for dragging water well. Around the 1970s the Fratelli Campelli company started the production of self-propelled roadworthy rigs, all equipped of concussion tool strings. In 1973 the company was renamed into COMAN srl by proposing the production of a new tobacco line with harvesters made for the tobacco collection, self-propelled sprayers for liquid treatments and drying ovens. The 1980s evolution brought to the production of the first automatic tobacco harvesters and the upgrading of the already existing machines. By the end of the 1980s the COMAN company, leaded by Mr. Grado Campelli, upgraded the range of its machines reached new markets and made joint ventures in 7 different countries.

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Zona Industriale, S.Maria degli Angeli , Assisi (PG) , Umbria 06081 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)
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The core-business of the company are: self-propelled automatic machine for tobacco harvesting and self-propelled sprayers for chemical treatments. For both categories, thanks to the experience acquired along the years and thanks to a constant innovation, a wide range of products is available:

  • automatic tobacco harvesters for low, medium and top leaves for 1 or 2 rows equipped with 3 or 4 wheels
  • Towed harvesters
  • self-propelled topping & pruning machine for tobacco cutting flowers with independent lifting system 2 rows
  • Self-propelled sprayers for chemical treatments for corn or tobacco equipped with three or four wheels with a tank capacity from 600 to 3000 litres and bar length from 10 to 21 metres with or without air boom.

Since ever the key features characterising all our products are: their efficiency, their reliability, and their simple usage and maintaining, without excluding a constant technological upgrading. In addition the simple versatility of the product allows an easier adaptability to the different requests of our customers who since almost 50 years can count on a brand symbolizing high quality and prestige.