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  • Modular Planetary Drives

    Modular Planetary Drives

    PG planetary gear units are divided into 21 basic groups depending on the different torques that are to be transmitted to the output shaft, which can vary from 0.05 to 65 kNm.

  • Electric Wheel Drive Units

    Electric Wheel Drive Units

    The WHEEL DRIVE UNITS product line is divided into vertical electric wheels, horizontal electric wheels, steerings and brakes mainly employed on material handling and warehousing equipments. The WHEEL DRIVE UNITS transmissions have structural, versatile and functional performance features capable of meeting every single operational requirement. The continuous product innovation and the advanced engineering know-how allow the research of new wheel...

  • Hydraulic Steering Gears

    Hydraulic Steering Gears

    The hydraulic steering is based on the principle of the rack rod that acts on a gear wheel to the axis of which the wheels are coupled. It has been designed according to the latest state-of-the-art technologies and in compliance with current regulations. It is grease lubricated. On request: application for one wheel only; various foot heights; various wheel securing flanges.