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  • Sand Beds

  • E-Z Rize Sand Bed Cubicle

    E-Z Rize Sand Bed Cubicle

    E-Z Rize Sand Bed Cubicles with various fixing options, enables you to control the cow without limiting her comfort. Testimonial: Austin Knowles 400 Holsteins, Hollings Hill Farm, Worcestershire. 'We installed E-Z Rize, next to super comfort cubicles in a new sand bedded barn to see if there was any difference in comfort between the two stalls, it was immediate to see that although there seemed to be little preference in the two, the cows in the E-Z...

  • Sand Chuck Bedding Spreader

    Sand Chuck Bedding Spreader

    The Sand Chuck is a side discharge bucket designed to dispense bedding material with ease. Designed for efficient one-man operation and for use with most 3 pt. or quick attachment equipment. The Sand Chuck Bedding Spreader uses the host vehicle's onboard hydraulics for quiet operation. The Sand Chuck has dual spinners to allow for left or right discharge, it is powder coated and all bearings are sealed.

  • Sand Saver Plus Mats

    Sand Saver Plus Mats

    Sand Saver Plus, sand mats designed to reduce maintenance, sand loss, and sand laden slurry for storage and handling. Testimonial: Jeremy and Ruth Payne, 140 Holsteins, Church House Farm, Newport. 'We were concerned with the amount of time it was taking to maintain the beds with the correct amount of sand, it was just not getting bedded as regular as we would have liked, therefore the dimensions for the cubicles to be able to perform at their best...

  • Precast Concrete Heel Stone Copings

    Precast Concrete Heel Stone Copings

    Precast heel stone copings designed for the fast and efficient formation of sand beds, eliminating the need to shutter heel stones in situ, saving labour and materials.

  • Model SSG3000 - AUTO Foot Bath

    Model SSG3000 - AUTO Foot Bath

    The SSG3000 is manufactured from stainless steel, fitted with rubber matting to provide a non slip surface, increasing both confidence, and throughput. The SSG3000 will via the control box automatically fill with water with the option to add a calibrated amount of chemical at refill. The SSG3000 has two independently calibrated chemical pumps, which will allow two different chemicals to be used. If a powder is to be used, the pumps can be easily...