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  • Silostop - Oxygen Barrier​

    Silostop - Oxygen Barrier​

    Silostop products protect the value of your forage and feedstuffs. Oxygen destroys forage quality, not only on the visible crust but up to 12 to16 inches below the surface. All plastic covering is not created equal. Silostop® Oxygen Barrier films are a patented, unique blend of materials that are specifically engineered and scientifically proven to protect forage and feed from oxygen. You may not be able to see the barrier properties, but you can...

  • Biotal by Lallemand

    Biotal by Lallemand

    Biotal by Lallemand Silage Inoculants are scientifically based and proven forage enhancement products. No matter what the harvest situation, there is a Biotal silage solution. As a producer, you deal with the growing and harvest scenarios that Mother Nature dishes out. Depending on conditions, Biotal Plus II can give fermentation a boost and drive the feed through the aerobic to anaerobic phases at a more efficient and proper rate. Biotal Buchneri 500...

  • Calf-Tel by Hampel​

    Calf-Tel by Hampel​

    Healthy calves is your goal, and Calf-tel is your best choice for sheltering them. Why? The high density polyproplene plastic is opaque, providing solid shade in summer, warmth in winter. They are easy to clean and when properly pressure washed, sanitized and dried, harbor less disease that make calves sick. And they last. A ten year warranty comes with every Calf-tel, and honestly, we’ve never seen one fall apart.