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  • Slurry Tankers

  • Conor - Standard Tankers

    Conor - Standard Tankers

    The standard range of slurry tanks come in 1100 gallon to 2100 gallon. They come mounted on a rigid drawbar and heavy duty ADR axle with a range of wheel options. Wheel options include 385/65 R22.5, 425/65 R22.5, 1300 x 530 x 508 BN3 and 21.3 R24. The high quality 8000 litre Battioni vacuum pump comes as standard with a secondary trap (with drain tap) to protect the pump as standard also.

  • Conor - Semi Recessed Tankers

    Conor - Semi Recessed Tankers

    The Conor range of semi recessed tanks is the same as the standard range of tanks except with bigger tyre options. The size of tanks range from 1100 to 2100 gallons and the cylinder is recessed into and strengthened to allow for the bigger tyre. This range of tanks also comes with 20 foot of suction hose in lieu to 15 foot as standard. This range of tanks is ideal for customers who farm wet land and need the low ground pressure tyre but do not need a...

  • Conor - Fully Recessed Tankers

    Conor - Fully Recessed Tankers

    The Conor range of fully recessed LGP tankers are strong and robust and built with the contractor and large producer in mind. Sizes range from 1600 Gallon up to 3000 Gallon and comes with many features as standard such as large 30” rear door, 11000 litre vacuum pump, 20 foot suction hose, full commercial axles with 420 x 180 brakes, LED road lighting, and swivel hitch eye. As with all Conor tanks the cylinder is strengthened with anti-implosion...

  • Conor - Tandem Axle Tankers

    Conor - Tandem Axle Tankers

    Conor tandem axle tanks are designed and built with strength and safety in mind. The unique chassis design and tandem parabolic suspension keeps the overall height low and gives excellent stability. The high speed parabolic suspension and strong chassis are ideal for travelling at high speed. A large range of wheel options are available to choose from and air brakes load sensing and rear steering is also available as optional extras. Please take note...

  • Conor - Slootsmid Trailing Shoe

    Conor - Slootsmid Trailing Shoe

    The Conor Slootsmid Trailing shoe system has been developed with a robust and practical design to operate in all types of terrain. The tank, the trailing shoe and the axle are integrated as closely as possible which gives excellent balance and maneuverability. The trailing shoe has a fully galvanized body and a powerful hydraulic macerator which chops up any fibrous material. Its working width ranges from 5 to 9 meters and has a transport width of...

  • Conor - Economy Trailing Shoe

    Conor - Economy Trailing Shoe

    The Conor Economy Trailing shoe system has been developed with a robust and practical design to operate in all types of terrain. It has a simple lightweight design and is designed very close to rear of tank and can fit on any tank. It allows for the even application of slurry which contributes to even growth. It greatly increases grass yield in land which has major advantages for all farmers.

  • Diet Feeders

  • Conor  - Vertical  Feeders

    Conor - Vertical Feeders

    The Conor Vertical Feeder has been developed to incorporate the key qualities that accompany all Conor Machinery – strength, reliability and simplicity. Its robust simplistic design promotes a problem free lifespan and its design ensures a consistent mix which offers high nutritional value and improved yield. It is designed to handle all types of feed efficiently to produce a top quality mix. The end result for the farmer being improved...

  • Side Spreaders

  • Conor  - Model 750 - Side Spreader

    Conor - Model 750 - Side Spreader

    The Conor side spreader is one of the strongest and most durable on the market today. It is built to operate in the most demanding of conditions and can handle a wide range of manure from solid to slurry. Conor side spreaders come in 4 models , the 400, 750, 900 and 1000. Heavy duty bearings are used and an 150mm balanced heavy wall rotor ensure maximum strength and balanced unloading. A protective timber rail is used to prevent loading damage and all...

  • Swathers

  • Conor - Model 7000  - Swather

    Conor - Model 7000 - Swather

    The Swather 7000 has been developed by Conor Engineering to aid farmers in improving the quality of grass, hay and straw. The Swather gently turns, lifts and aerates the material giving a higher drier swath helping the farmer get the most from short spells of fine weather. This leads to a better quality of hay, silage or straw; therefore a better quality of feed. The swather has a strong, robust design which is built to suit Irish conditions.

  • Toppers

  • Conor  - Model 6000  - Offset Pasture Topper

    Conor - Model 6000 - Offset Pasture Topper

    The Conor 6000 Semi Offset Pasture Topper is a rear 3pt linkage machine. The Pasture Topper is semi offset when in the topping position and rides independently of the tractor allowing a clean cut of uneven pasture,The topper can be powered by relatively low powered tractors (40 H.P. upwards). The direct drive mechanism guarantees consistent performance at all times.The cutting height is adjusted by setting the slides on either side of the topper. A...