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  • Grain Storage

  • Model 15 - Farm Grain Storage Bins

    Model 15 - Farm Grain Storage Bins

    We offer farm and commercial grain storage bins from 15’ to 90’ in diameter. Our bins are available with either wide and narrow corrugated sidewalls. We offer three different models: Standard, Heavy and Recirculating to fit any application. Bolt on base angle allows for ease of future expansion, such as adding rings to the bottom of the bin for additional storage capacity. Our rigid rib design and 35 degree slope gives...

  • Model CW - Tall Tanks

    Model CW - Tall Tanks

    Conrad-American/Eaton manufactures different models of tall tanks, which are bins made with stiffeners to carry the vertical load of grain down to the concrete foundation.

  • Floors

  • Hawkeye - Floors

    Hawkeye - Floors

    Designed and fabricated for maximum strength – no material is removed during production. Ventilation is unrestricted due to lanced flooring on the hills of the corrugation.

  • Stairs

  • Galvanized Spiral Stairs

    Galvanized Spiral Stairs

    Conrad-American/Eaton offers heavy galvanized spiral stairs for both wide and narrow corrugation bins from 15’ to 105’ diameters. Our ease of installation combined with a 20” wide perforated step make use easier and adds to slip resistance. A comfortable 8 ¼” vertical distance between each step makes our stairs the leader in the industry. Our spiral stairs can be installed to spiral to the left or the right around the...

  • Fans

  • Centrifugal Fan

    Centrifugal Fan

    Our Centrifugal fans feature galvanized housings with an option of a stainless steel housings available in all models. The 1750 RPM motors are efficient and effective for long lasting operation. Wheels are continuously welded and dynamically balanced for smooth running and long life. The backward inclined airfoil wheel allows for optimum delivery of air. All fans standard with controls and feature adjustable leveling legs for greater support.

  • Wet Holding Tanks

  • Wet Holding Tanks

    Wet Holding Tanks

    We manufacture heavy wet holding tanks in both 15’ and 18’ diameters.  We offer wide corrugation for stronger vertical strength with bushel capacities ranging from 2,700 to 5,700 bushel.  Our roof is 35 degree and our hopper is 45 degrees. We offer many optional accessories for our wet holding tanks.