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  • Adapters

  • Eaton - Model PTO 45HP - Drive Adapter

    Eaton - Model PTO 45HP - Drive Adapter

    Universal quick attachment fits most skid steers. Supplies 540 PTO power to front of skid steer. Durable hydraulic motor capable of producing 45 horse power. Adjustable 3 point hitch allows for easy hook up to wide array of attachments. Trailer hitch & receiver allows for fast and easy movement of augers and other bumper hitch implements - Low pick up point allows for excellent visibility. Laser cut components ensure superior quality. Heavy duty...

  • Conterra - Model THA 500 - Trailer Hitch Adapter

    Conterra - Model THA 500 - Trailer Hitch Adapter

    Enables your skid steer to pick up any ball or pintle hitch trailer for easy shunting. Universal mount plate allows for easy connection to most late model skid steers. Removable hitch pin allows operator to change hitch receiver quickly and easily. Low receiver position allows for excellent visibility and easy cab access. Hitch receiver allows for 2” shank trailer hitch ball (trailer hitch ball not included). Heavy duty construction. Durable...

  • Arena Maintenance

  • Conterra - Arena Rake

    Conterra - Arena Rake

    Efficient and effective arena maintenance for use with ATVs, UTVs, Garden and Compact Tractors. The Conterra Arena Rake is designed for all arena conditions, from sand to sandy-loam and hard packed soil. Conterra Arena Rake shanks are designed at an angle to continually pull the groomer into the ground, even in the hardest arena conditions. Conterra's Revolutionary Depth Control System adjusts your Arena Rake, grooming your entire arena at the same...

  • Auger Drives & Bits

  • Conterra - Auger Planetary Drive for Skid Steers

    Conterra - Auger Planetary Drive for Skid Steers

    Built for skid steers. Heavy duty planetary drive unit with 2” hexagon output shaft. Unit comes complete with skid steer mount plate. Standard augers from 4” to 36” diameter. Tree augers from 18” to 42” diameter. Planetary drive is completely sealed, with all moving parts running in oil for great lubrication.. All gear design extends unit life and dramatically reduces maintenance. Reverse rotation allows for quick back...

  • Conterra - Model AB-Series - Auger Bits

    Conterra - Model AB-Series - Auger Bits

    Our most popular auger, the AB-Series features a reinforced fabricated boring head and double-wrapped flighting. Each comes equipped with heat-treated teeth and ADI center point. An exceptional value, in many conditions, the AB-Series is comparable to our competitor's more expensive cast-head augers. AB-Series auger bits are approximately 50 inches (1.3 m) in overall length and can be ordered with standard heat-treated or carbide teeth and fishtail....

  • Tractor / ATV Attachments

  • Conterra - Arena Shark

    Conterra - Arena Shark

    Finally, an affordable solution for effective and efficient arena and track grooming and maintenance.

  • Conterra - Baumalight Brush Fire Attachments

    Conterra - Baumalight Brush Fire Attachments

    With direct drive from the engine all the way through the heavy duty gear box to the teeth the MF860 delivers ultimate cutting power. This could be the greediest Brush Fire to date, when paired with a 70 HP tractor with hydrostatic drive this hungry mulcher is ready to devour brush up to 6 inches in diameter. Its appetite is not satisfied above ground, because of the higher torque you can adjust this monster to mulch below grade. The MF860 is...

  • Bale / Feed Handling

  • Conterra - Round Bale Fork

    Conterra - Round Bale Fork

    Two Mounts to choose from: Universal Skid Steer. ALO/Euro/Global. Designed for fast and efficient bale handling. All models handle bales up to 2000 lbs. Features two 44” Long, Kverneland tines. Tapered tines reduce drag allowing for better bale penetration and an easy release. Tines bolt-on for ease of replacement. 1 Year Warranty. Heavy duty construction and a durable black paint finish.

  • Conterra - Grapple Max Bucket

    Conterra - Grapple Max Bucket

    For use with skid steers, tractors, and loaders. 76” maximum grapple opening for moving large bales. All joints serviceable for long life and dependability. Four bolt on grapple teeth for easy adjustment. Double hydraulic rams for maximum speed and power. Available in models from 86” to 98”. Bucket bottom allows for loading all types of material. All units come with a laser cut material guard for added safety. Open design helps...