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Convey-All Industries Inc. is one of North America`s leading custom manufacturers of conveyor systems. Based in Winkler, Manitoba, the company exports their products to locations across North America and several countries including Mexico, Russia, Kazahkstan, Poland, Germany, Turkey, South Africa and Australia. Convey-All was the first Canadian manufacturer to produce agricultural tube conveyors, and have since developed a diverse range of products for both the agricultural and oil & gas sectors. Through the company`s focus on customer satisfaction, providing innovative solutions, and their willingness to take on new challenges, Convey-All has proven itself to be a true contender in the global manufacturing market.

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Box 2008,130 Canada Street , Winkler , Manitoba R6W 0J3 Canada

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Located in Winkler, MB Canada, Convey-All Industries is one of North America’s leading custom manufacturers of conveyor systems.

Convey-All began as Commercial Welding in 1983. Bob Toews, after 12 years of farming near Winkler and another 10 years working as a welder founded the company based on creating solutions for those in an industry he was well versed in.

He opened up a 2000 sq ft welding shop in the southern Manitoba town, and 25 years later it has grown to be Convey-All Industries Inc.; one of North America’s leading custom manufacturers of conveyor systems with a wide range of uses.

Convey-All was the first Canadian company to manufacture agricultural tube conveyors. All previous tube conveyors had been built in the U.S. for the fertilizer industry. Toews redesigned these conveyors for more effective use in farm operations.

Convey-All has continued to grow and prosper because of Toews’ team and their willingness to take on any challenge that has come along. They learned early on that conveyors can move just about anything. They have produced conveyors for the transport of live chickens, pulse crops, algae and weeds from swamp areas, even hockey sticks (for the Sherwood Hockey Stick factory). The key is revamping the conveyor to fit the product.

Convey-All learned early on that conveyors can move just about anything, and that it’s just a matter of revamping the conveyor to fit the product. Innovative Quality Solutions for 30 years.

In 1985, working under the corporate name Commercial Welding,  Bob Toews began custom conveyor work for a number of Winkler-based manufacturers. Within two short years, the company had experienced enough growth that their facility at 130 Canada Street in Winkler was in need of expansion. At this time they were already expanding their conveyor lines and selling custom conveyors across Western Canada .

Slowed only temporarily by the recession in 1990, Convey-All continued to see growth. First in 1992, in a contract with Grandeur Houseboats to make large pontoons. They were then contacted by PMI, a major manufacturer of farm equipment, to produce a line of combine platforms for the pulse market.

In 1994, Convey-All built their first line of Drill Fills (now known as Seed Tenders). This propelled them into a new direction, pioneering the process of putting the conveyor belting system inside the conveyor. This has now become a major line for Convey-All and stands as the apex of internal conveyor products.

Although manufacturing conveyor systems remains the focal point of Convey-Allʼs business activities, Toews also knew the importance of diversification and seized new opportunities as they arose. In 1991, at the height of the recession, Toews and Convey-All developed a line of outdoor wood furnaces to supplement business.

Most recently, Convey-All moved into the engineered building field through its acquisition of NuSteel Industries. Located across the street from Convey-All in Winkler, NuSteel Industries has been in operation for over 40 years.

In 2006 an oil field services provider contracted them to design and manufacture conveyor systems for the oil and gas industry. Within 6 months, Convey-All had produced their first SandKing prototype. This gave Convey-All a new market to expand their ever-growing business into. Opportunities continued in this new market and 2011 brought about their first SandKing designed to comply with all European standards.

Toews has always adopted a teamwork approach to running Convey-All, saying “I let my guys make their own decisions which we discuss in due course”. For much of Convey-Allʼs history, the company has managed with a small number of workers. Due to itʼs growth and diversity it has gone from a workforce as few as 26 employees in 1996, to what is now over 150 staff. The company continues to offer opportunities of advancement within the organization.