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  • Light Materials Bucket

    Light Materials Bucket

    Bucket suited to the excavation and loading of light to medium weight loose soils such as non compacted sand, gravel up to 60mm and soils with low clay content.  The width of the bucket depend on the conditions of the terrain and the desired dimensions of the trench.  It is equipped with standard teeth and can be designed to suit any type of quick coupling mechanism.

  • HARDOX - General Purpose Bucket

    HARDOX - General Purpose Bucket

    Standard wheel loader bucket for materials with a density of 2.0 t/m3 or less.  Suitable for medium weight soils such as wet clay, gravel or sand, matching the shape of the genuine bucket as indicated by the manufacturer, with the possibility to modify any of the parts to suit specific customer requirements.  The option of fitting a wear resistant HARDOX 450 bottom allows for a considerable weight reduction without affecting performance.