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  • Garden Tractors-A Series

  • Countax - Model A25-50HE - Petrol Garden Tractor

    Countax - Model A25-50HE - Petrol Garden Tractor

    The A25-50HE is Countax’s largest petrol garden tractor. The 726cc Kawasaki engine drives a 127cm (50') Combi deck and an optional 390 litre Powered Grass Collector. The bigger deck and collector means that this tractor can cut a larger area faster than the smaller C or B Series.Suitable for grounds of three acres or more, the A Series will make short work of mowing lawns, paddocks and orchards. The A25-50HE is also available fitted with a 107cm...

  • Countax - Model A230D - Garden Tractor

    Countax - Model A230D - Garden Tractor

    Diesel power and economy with a larger chassis.Mow larger areas of lawn with the A230D. A 784cc Yanmar diesel engine is fuel efficient and, with the ability to run rebated red diesel, an economical option for people with grounds of around 3 acres or more.The high-torque, 3-cylinder diesel engine has abundant power to cope with almost all cutting conditions.It’s available with either a 127cm (50') Combi deck (for cutting with collection or...

  • Garden Tractors-C Series

  • Countax - Model C50 - Garden Tractor

    Countax - Model C50 - Garden Tractor

    The C50 is a fully specified Countax with a single cylinder 500cc Briggs and Stratton engine. With a smaller 97cm (38') XRD cutter deck, the C50 is perfect for gardens with around one acre of lawn to cut or where there are specific limitations for access. The C50 features a power take-off. This allows you to drive accessories such as the Powered Grass Collector, Broadcast Spreader or Powered Scarifier.

  • Garden Tractors-B Series

  • Countax - Model B60 4TRAC - Garden Tractor

    Countax - Model B60 4TRAC - Garden Tractor

    A Countax tractor with the added benefit of four-wheel drive.Countax tractors are renowned for their cutting and collecting performance on formal lawns. Many British gardens feature slopes or areas where the terrain is uneven or prone to getting water logged. In such circumstances, the B60 4TRAC excels. Featuring 4TRAC technology, the B60 uses Dynamic Traction Control to sense where grip is required and apply the right amount of drive to the wheels.

  • Countax - Model B250 4TRAC - Garden Tractor

    Countax - Model B250 4TRAC - Garden Tractor

    The unique B250 features 4TRAC four-wheel drive technology. Combine this with 54.3NM of torque provided by the Kawasaki engine, and this tractor becomes a formidable force in any garden with slopes or difficult terrain.As part of the tractor’s Operating Management System, Electronic Slope Alert sounds an alarm and displays a warning before an incline too great for safe mowing is reached.Dynamic Traction Control avoids scuffing on your lawn by...