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  • Brillion Drill Seeding Services

    Brillion Drill Seeding Services

    This is a mechanical means of seeding large open areas, using the same equipment we use to establish our premium turf fields. The seed is applied at precise, controlled rates and then pressed into the soil, which enhances the germination rate. This process is applicable to golf courses, sports fields, and any other large open fields where a quality application is desired. Normally being less expensive than hydroseeding on large jobs, brillion drill...

  • Renovation Services

  • Slice Seeding Services

    Slice Seeding Services

    Slice seeding is an excellent way to overseed an existing sports field or large open space area. Slice seeding addresses many lawn problems quickly, easily and with very little mess. When lawn renovation is needed, slice seeding actually plants new seed into the soil without stripping the existing sod or tilling the entire surface.